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A simple, highly customisable, data-driven 3D carousel view for iOS devices and Mac OS applications.

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  • AD Ankit dEtroja 4 years ago
    How to use carousel in Cocos2d , if possible? Or Can you give any link which contain carousel for cocos2d Framework or How to Build carousel class for Cocos2d
  • K karin 5 years ago
    Hello, When my carousel show up on my iphone simulator, the first couple images showing very small. After the 4th image, all the images are full screen size. But when i scroll back some of them are back to the small size and some fullscreen size. In didSelectItemAtIndex i hide/unhide my navigationbar and toolbar in order to get a bigger image. Could that be the cause of this effect? What is the best way to show All my image in "fullscreen size"?
  • SL Stephen Larravide 5 years ago
    Actually I worked it out using a custom control. Cheers anyway.
  • SL Stephen Larravide 5 years ago
    Nicely written code Nick. Using Coverflow I want to be able to display many items in the middle of my carousel so that up to 5 images are flat and the rest are folded. for example : |||OOOOO||| swiping left to right will do ||OOOOO|||| please tell me how this can be achieved.
  • AR Arun Rushdie 5 years ago
    I am using Time machine animation. How can i change the size of animating view(UIImageview with 1 2 3labels).
  • SH Salvador Hernandez License holderSupport License
    6 month support
    Purchased on Oct 31, 2012
    5 years ago
    Hello Nick, Great class you got here. I have a question for you though... I'm trying to instantiate a viewcontroller to pass the view in the viewForIndexPath method, however as the viewController is alloc/inited inside this method, its getting deallocated when the method is finished and it gives me odd behavior. You recomend on your docs to NOT use an external pool to feed this method, so what strategy do you recomend we use when we have several view controllers that manage the views that the carousel handles? Best regards
    • Nick Lockwood Publisher 5 years ago
      The best approach is not to use separate view controllers for each carousel view. Think of iCarousel like a UITableView - you wouldn't have a view controller for each cell in a table. If the logic for all of your carousel views is similar, just load the view from a nib on its own and bind the controls to your main view controller. You can use the index lookup mechanisms to work out which view is calling which method (see the controls example for how to do this). If each carousel item view is unique, or the logic is too complex to cram into one view controller, create a "Smart" view subclass that manages its own subviews and effectively acts as a controller, but because it inherits from UIView instead of UIViewController, can be passed directly into the carousel from the viewForItemAtIndex method.
  • JK Jon King 5 years ago
    Hey Nick, I love this control, I created bindings so I could use it in my MonoTouch projects and it works great. I am not very handy with transforms, and I am trying to make the Selected View Enlarge to fill the screen when it is tapped. I know I need to hook the delegate method didSelectItemAtIndex, but I am not sure where to go from there. Thanks in advance. Jon
  • K karin 5 years ago
    Hi Nick, I have different image sizes. Is there a way to scale/resize this into the standardviews of the iCarousel? Now some parts of the pics are not shown. ;( Thanks in advance!
    • Nick Lockwood Publisher 5 years ago
      Set your item views to a square with dimensions matching the largest width or height of any image you wish to display, then use UIViewContentModeAspectFit on the images.
  • K karin 6 years ago
    Hi Nick, I want to use the icarousel along with Inapp purchases. Currently my carousel is filled with fix text/images in the method [viewForItemAtIndex]. But the idea is to fill the carousel with the IAP purchases data query from Apple. I got the results back from the query in the notification [productsLoaded], how should i proceed from there on? And fill the carousel with the corresponding prices and descriptions? As the [viewForItemAtIndex] already put the images in place. I hope i explain it clearly and sorry for my english as im from Holland. Cheers, Karin
    • Nick Lockwood Publisher 6 years ago
      Hi Karin, Create a class called something like IAPDetails with price and description properties. Once you've downloaded your IAP details, create an array of these IAPDetails objects and store them in your carousel view controller. Use this array to populate the views in your viewForItemAtIndex, just like I use the array of NSNumbers in my example code. Then call reloadData on the carousel after you've se the array so that it will load the new data.
  • F ftwhere 6 years ago
    Hello, great code! I wonder if it's possible to use it to load video files from a server. How can I display the thumbnails and on tap to go on a detail page from where I can launch each video.
    • Nick Lockwood Publisher 6 years ago
      Absolutely, but you would have to write the code to download and display the video files yourself. If you've got the thumbnails as standalone images on a server, you can look at the included "Dynamic Downloads" example to get an idea of how to do that.
    • ftwhere 6 years ago
      Thanks a lot for the quick answer, was just looking into "dynamic downloads" , I'll see what I can do , thanks again :)
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