Image Morphing Utility

Image morphing utility

  • Language: PHP
  • Released: Apr 13, 2011
    Last Update: Jun 23, 2012

This is a light yet powerful image morphing utility written in PHP.

// Simply include the class in your project
require_once 'img.class.php';

// Instantiate the ImageMorph object
$imageMorph = new ImageMorph(); 

// Load an image from the server
$img = $imageMorph -> Load($filename); 

// Change its dimensions according to your needs    
$img = $imageMorph -> Resize($img,$w,$h);

 // Send the result to the browser
 $imageMorph -> Display($img);

Each of these methods has many options. The class is fully documented with examples for each method.

Class methods include:

  • Load (load an image from the server)
  • Display (display the current resource to the browser)
  • Save (save the current resource)
  • FastConvert (converts a picture from a format to another - GIF, PNG and JPEG supported)
  • Better (a multi-filter; supports sepia, negative etc. and image rotation)
  • Overlay (superimposes 2 images)
  • Stack (creates a horizontal or vertical stack of images - useful for CSS sprites)
  • Resize
  • Text (add transparent text)
  • Crop (crop an area from the image)
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  • CM Chris Marshell 2 years ago
    It doesn't work, there is error.Forbidden and Does it have any demo site or something like that screenshots or anything?
  • B bipinkhanal 2 years ago
    This file is corrupted.... cannot be unzipped...