In-App Customer Support Email with Device Information

In-App Customer Support Email with Device Information

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Launch customer support e-mails directly from your app, pre-filled with critical information. Streamline troubleshooting by collection information the first time

Receive support e-mails that automatically include app version, OS version, device model, and other customer data to solve customer issues faster.

Do you ever receive user feedback from customers that lack details? "App doesn't work" or "App crashes, fix it please!"

Perhaps you have a portfolio of apps and don't even know which one the user is complaining about.

Rather than spending hours on a long e-mail conversation trying to figure out what version of your app the user has, what device they are using, and which version of iOS they are using, just use this drop-in replacement for MFMailComposeViewController.

Anytime you prompt the user to send a feedback e-mail, the e-mail will automatically include:

  • App name
  • App version
  • User's device (e.g. iPhone 5, iPad 3)
  • Device name
  • iOS version
  • User's language
  • User's country code
  • Carrier (e.g. AT&T)
  • Screen resolution
  • Device orientation
  • Battery state (e.g. Unplugged, Full, Charging)
  • Battery level
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Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 project

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

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Installation & Integration


Launch email directly from your app, pre-filled with critical customer information, such as app version, device type, OS version, and more.

1. Add the MPFeedback folder to your Xcode project.

Make sure to select "Copy Items to Destination" along with all appropriate targets when copying the MPFeedback files to your project.

2. Add the following frameworks to your project.

  • CoreTelephony.framework
  • MessageUI.framework

3. Import MPFeedbackComposeViewController.h into the view controller that will present your in-app feedback e-mail form.

#import "MPFeedbackMailComposeViewController.h"

4. Copy this code snippet into the method that will present your in-app feedback e-mail form.

MPFeedbackMailComposeViewController *controller = [[MPFeedbackMailComposeViewController alloc] init];
[controller setMailComposeDelegate:self];
[controller setToRecipients:@[@""]]; // Optional
[controller setSubject:@"App Feedback"]; // Optional
[controller setMessageBody:@"Customer feedback" isHTML:NO]; // Optional
[self presentViewController:controller animated:YES completion:nil];
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  • HG Hiren Gujarati 1 year ago
    Does it show paired watch?
    • MM Monkey Mike 1 year ago
      It does not show paired watch. Sorry.
  • M Mahendra License holderDeveloper License
    Purchased on Apr 25, 2014
    4 years ago
    Does it work with iOS7 & Xcode5 ?
    • MM Monkey Mike Publisher 4 years ago
      Yes, absolutely! Thanks for the question Mahendra!