Instagram clips - Android Social App Kit

Instagram clips - Android Social App Kit

Released 4 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

Instagram clips! is a social network app project using Parse API. (Android 4.1+)

If you are looking to build an Instagram clone or build a social network application on Android, then Instagram clips! can help you.

This social network application project is using Parse API and has support for Android 4.1+

Customizing Instagram clips! is super simple and the project is packaged with full documentation to get started quickly.


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Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support


Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 12 months support

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15 seconds Video recording with breathtaking cinematic stabilization. • Login & sharing through Facebook • Unlimited uploads depending on your Parse plan • Send videos and text directly to friends • Interact with friends by giving & receiving likes and comments • Explore videos of other users who are part of the social network app • Search specific user by username/email • Follow posts instead of people you follow • @usertag support • Notification when a new video is posted or liked, a new comment is left or a user follow you

More detailed features are included in the full documentation

Are you looking to see the application in action? alt text

Source Package

The package includes:

  1. Eclipse project for Android 4.1+
  2. Full documentation to customize your own social app.
  3. Art design and assets PSD/AI Files
  4. Youtube tutorial videos
    • parse setting
    • Cloud code setting



Eclipse + ADT - Android SDK 4.1+ - Facebook SDK for Android - Parse SDK for Android - Play Service library - developer account - Parse cloud code (contained in source file) - Facebook developer account - Google API MAP Key - Facebook app for Android - Change your packagename


Packagename 1. Right-click on the package name 2. Android Tools-> Rename Application package(your packagename) 3. Right-click on com.gofindsth.socialnetwork -> Refactor -> rename 4. Rename the rest of package in order(your packagename)

Parse settings

  1. Parse account & Parse app setting - check this video
  2. Cloud code setting - check this video


Change title typeface:

public HashMap<String,Typeface> getFBCTypeFace()
    if(TYPE_FACE == null)
        TYPE_FACE = new HashMap<String, Typeface>();
                "fonts/Incite.ttf"));//replace with your new typeface file
        TYPE_FACE.put("title", Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(),
            "fonts/Nueva Std.ttf"));//replace with your new typeface file
    return TYPE_FACE;

alt text

Change splash screen photo:

Replace the background.png with your new background file in drawable-xxx folder. alt text

Customize recording button style:

  • The first item is to set the fill color
  • The second item is to set the border color

alt text

You can find more details in our full documentation

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  • DI Davis Igwe License holderApplication License
    1 month support
    Purchased on Oct 8, 2014
    3 years ago
    I am having issues with the activity. MapFragment cannot be resolved
  • A Augie 3 years ago
    Have you released same project without Parse service? Is there an easy way to implement photos(edit,post...)?
  • N NanoWeb 4 years ago
    Can this also be configured to use another servers api either than the parse? and is there documentation regarding this?
    • Miya Tokyo Publisher 4 years ago
      hi, we have a new project that without Parse sevice. We'll release this project on the middle of september.
    • N NanoWeb 4 years ago
      please let us know when it does