Interactive Image Segmentation Toolbox

Interactive Image Segmentation Toolbox

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

A comprehensive image processing toolbox to help developers of all sorts to create their own image segmentation applications with ease


Interactive Segmentation Toolbox is a comprehensive toolbox designed for developers. The underlying algorithm is interfaced with easy to use APIs for people with no or limited image processing background. With a few function calls, developers can create their own interactive image segmentation applications effortlessly. As developers ourselves, we understand the importance of making it simple. The installation only requires one library, while the QT UI is shipped together to demonstrate user interaction integration.

With this toolbox, you will be able to design applications to help the user segment the region of interest from the image background using a few simple mouse clicks (watch the video demo).

In this release, we have packaged the source code for QT based user graphical interface as well as the library API. Developers can easily integrate the UI and the segmentation library into their own project for either standalone application or web application development.

Two levels of segmentation are provided for better segmentation accuracy and enhanced user experience:

  1. Active Contours :- You mark the foreground and background using a few simple line strokes, and the algorithm automatically highlights your foreground image.

  2. Livewire:- If more delicate selection is required, the livewire tool helps you to refine the outline of your foreground image, for more accurate result.

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Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support


There are Doxygen generated docs in the Docs folder of the DLL and Static Lib Projects. The online link to the documentation is here

Setup / installation

Running the Application

Once you unzip the downloaded file, You will find two directories ISTDemoProject_DLL & ISTDemoProject_StaticLib. In both of them there are release sub-directories with the precompiled InteractiveSegmentation.exe and required .dll files to run the application.

Compiling the Program

Use Visual Studio 2010 Professional to compile the application.

  1. Open the provided InteractiveSegmentation.sln in visual studio 2010. You will require QT 4.8.5 files for Visual Studio 2010, which are not provided in this package. You can download them at

  2. If you are using Visual Studio Professional , you can download the QT Visual Studio add-in for Visual Studio 2010 from . Follow the add-in's instructions to set your QTDIR path.

  3. If you are using the express version of Visual Basic, set a QTDIR in your path in your system variables to point to the directory where you installed the QT 4.8.5 files. (e.g. c:\QtWin_485\4.8.5)

  4. Then in Visual Studio, go to the Property Pages for the application. Make sure: a. Under C\C++ -> General , the Additional Include Directories point to the correct directory b. Under Linker -> General , the Additional Library Directories point to the correct directories c. Under Linker -> Input, the Additional Dependencies exist in stated directory

  5. Then go ahead and build the application, it should compile into the release or debug directory, depending on which you choose.

Example usage

The easiest way to use this toolbox is as follows:

1. Load the Image :


2. Capture the user's background and foreground highlights:

Capturing the Foreground highlights.


Capturing the Background highlights.


3. Initialize the Active Contour Object for segmentation

Get the Image and Foreground and Background Data.

//Get the Image Data 
Mat d_image=imageLabel->getImage();

//Get the Foreground & Background data
Mat d_seed=imageLabel->getForeBackData();

Pass the image and foreground/background data to the Active Contour Object.

std::unique_ptr<ActiveContour > d_acontour (new ActiveContour(d_image,d_seed));
d_acontour->setThreshold(0.5); //Default is 0.5, you can replace with user given input 

4. Generate the segmented and boundary images

Call the displaySeg method which is implemented in the mainwindow. This will generate 2 PNG files, in the running directory of the application:

regseg.png:- The segmented region, with the background darkened. bdyseg.png:- The original image with boundary drawn around the chosen foreground.


5. Initialize the livewire tool


6. Refine the Segmented Image using the livewire data

Mat lw=imageLabel->getLW();
Mat sed=imageLabel->getForeBackData();
Mat img=imageLabel->getImage();

std::unique_ptr<refine> d_refine (new refine(sed,seg,lw,img));

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  • MF mahdieh farzin 10 months ago
    I need a ive-wire segmentation tool in c#. Could you please help me?
  • GS Geoffroy Sabourin 2 years ago
    Hi Your library seems interesting based on the video on the web site. Is it possible to have short term demo to do better evaluation of the structure and confirm if it is a great tool for the application I would like to develop. Thank you