Invoice4U Library

Invoice4U Library

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

Easily integrate invoice4u library web services for Payments into any PHP project.

Invoice4u is an Israeli invoice API provider for generating and sending invoices programmatically. This component provides a wrapper class that interfaces with the invoice4u API and allows you to easily add invoicing capabilities to your ecommerce website.


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  • 1 site, 1 server

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Non-commercial use

  • 6 months support


Include the class in your PHP project, and instance and new Invoice object. Use the various methods to define the invoice properties:

$invoice=new Invoice();
$invoice->addProduct( array("id"=>"00000001",
                                              "desc"=>"Product 1 bla",
                                              "price"=>"1000") );
$invoice->setSubject("Test - Invoice");
$invoice->setCompanyInfo("Test Company");

Please note: You need an email to send invoices to clients.

Running the send() method returns a response / error code, as detailed below.

Error / Response code

Code    Value   Meaning
100     Success     completed successfully
101     UsernameInvalid     attempted transaction with invalid username
102     CompanyCodeAlreadyExists    attempted to create a company with an existing company code
103     CompanyCodeDoesNotExist     company code does not exit
104     CompanyCodeInvalidFormat    company code format is not numeric
105     DocumentInvalidSubject  subject line is invalid
106     DocumentDoesNotExit     document number was not found
107     SendEmailAborted    e-mailing document failed
108     EmailInvalid    invalid e-mail format
109     CultureInvalid  invalid culture
110     KeyInvalid  invalid key
111     AccountExpired  account has expired
112     DocumentInvalidItemNumber   multiple items in an invoice are in the wrong format
113     DocumentInvalidQuantity     quantity format is not numeric
114     DocumentInvalidPrice    price format is not numeric
116     DocumentDoesNotExistForSpecifiedCompany     the specified document doesnt exist or is incompatible with the company code provided
117     CurrencyConversionServiceNotAvailable   currency conversion service is out of service
118     InvalidItemCode     unaccpetable item code
119     CurrencyInWrongFormat   currency is not an integer
120     DocumentMissingItem     quantity, price, description and code must match
121     DocumentInvalidDateFormatDDMMYY     date format: DDMMYY
122     PaymentAmountDoesntMatchInvoice     total receivables must be positive
123     DocumentAmountInvalid   amount must be double
124     CashInvalidAmount   amount must be double
125     CheckInvalidAmount  amount must be double
126     CCInvalidAmount     amount must be double
127     TransInvalidAmount  amount must be double
128     CheckInvalidDateFormatDDMMYY    date format: DDMMYY
129     CCInvalidDateFormatDDMMYY   date format: DDMMYY
130     TransInvalidDateFormatDDMMYY    date format: DDMMYY
131     PaymentTotalMustBeEqualToInvoiceTotal   Payment total must be equal to invoice total
132     TaxRateInTheDocsIsNotEqual  Tax rate in the docs is not equal
133     ClientCompanyNameAlreadyExists  Client company name already exists
134     ClientTicketAlreadyExists   Client ticket already exists
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  • JR Juan Roca 4 years ago
    Hello, this project is still active?. I visited but all is in hebrau.
  • J James License holderDeveloper License
    1 year support
    Purchased on Jun 5, 2012
    6 years ago
    where is the view? the package is incomplete
    • OH Ori Hamama Publisher 6 years ago
      This package is basic requiments to send invoice. Come soon i add more options and more...
    • J James 6 years ago
      Hi Hamama, is it possible for you to include a view for my purchase?
    • OH Ori Hamama Publisher 6 years ago
      Current you can add this option , next version i will add more options.