iOS Button Image Generator

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

Programmatic button image generation (with caching) and button title customization for iOS applications.

An UIButton enhancement for:

  • Programmatic generation of button images using Core Image filters
  • Caching the generated images in a Nimbus in-memory cache
  • Setting custom line spacing on button text using MTLabel
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Apache License, 2.0

The Apache License, 2.0 is an open-source license.

Basic Usage

1) For generating filtered images -
a) To use Nimbus memory caching (ref., add NIMEMCACHE=1 to Preprocessor Macros, Project Build Settings
b) Generate the filtered image using the UIButton category function

- (UIImage *)generateImageUsingNormalImage:(UIImage *)normalImage
         cacheName:(NSString *)cacheName
         filterType:(NSString *)kFilterType
         filterAttributes:(NSDictionary *)attributes

2) For adjusting line spacing of button text -
Use the button subclass DemoButton and set buttonLabel instead of titleLabel (ref.

Demo project as a preview tool

Use the demo project as a tool to preview filter effects
1. Replace button images with your own
2. Adjust button frame size
3. Scroll the filter panel to select a filter
4. Lock the filter scroll and adjust sliders to set filter settings
5. Tap on button to view the generated image, or set flash switch to on (alternates between generated and normal image)

License » Apache License, 2.0 Download

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