iOS Easy Modal Dialogs

iOS Easy Modal Dialogs

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

A quick & easy way to invoke dialogs & actionSheets, and get on the spot feedback using decision trees.

Even experienced Objective-c developers who knows how to show an alertView or an actionSheet, building up feedback trees can be a chore.

When you need to ask several questions, one after the other, from the same controller (ie: Do you prefer candies or chips? Chips => Salted or with Vinegar?), you need to keep some vars, telling you where you are in your survey, and dealing with the same delegate method for all questions.

LTModalDialog solves that problem for you:

  • Invoke a dialog in 1 line of code
  • Implements UIAlertView as a synchronous call, without stopping program execution or halting background process (like animations, sounds and so forth).

With LTModalDialog, you can also :

  • Show a Modal Alert having an activity indicator, with or without button and make it disappear at the time you decide (for example after a load)
  • Show a Modal Alert having a Progress View, with or without button, and make the progress moving (animated) the way you want (all in 2 lines of code)
  • Easily show an action and get its answer back
  • Create a complex form style inside an UIAlertView, easily

More coming soon:

  • Easily deal with the new iOS6 UIActivityController component
  • Show a Modal Alert presenting options to choose into a small UITableView included into the alert itself
  • More available components for Complex Form Alert View

All of this using only one or two lines of code.

Package contents

  • The component itself
  • A fully working demo app
  • Documentation with samples & images that explain everything


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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While starting to learn how to show a Modal Dialog to alert a user for something or to ask him to answer to a question, you’ve also learned that answers are returned by the use of a delegate method.

This is actually the best "approach" of how to handle things in an interruptible environment.

However, when you've got to get several answers from different questions and a special "organization tree", things are getting a little bit more touchy...

Imagine that you've got to ask and get answers of such a tree :

alt text

In a "normal approach", you'll have to handle with vars & tags letting you know where you are from the tree, and dealing with new questions inside the delegate method of the modal view.

LTModalDialogs allow you to simply create modal boxes & wait for their answer in a procedural mode, like this:

if ([LTModalDialog askQuestion:@"Are you under 18 years old?"]) {
    if ([LTModalDialog askQuestion:@"Do you like cartoons?"]) {
        if ([LTModalDialog askQuestion:@"Do you like Walt Disney Cartoons?"]) {
        } else {
            if ([LTModalDialog askQuestion:@"Do you like Sci-Fi Movies?"]) ...
    } else {
} else {
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