iOS More Apps in Your App

iOS More Apps in Your App

Get more traction on the AppStore by showcasing your other apps in each app you publish.

iOS More Apps in Your App: Showcase your Apps the right way

Ever wanted to show off your other Apps in your App but you don't have the time to do it properly? Here's what you have been waiting for:

An easy-to-use component which just needs to be hookup with a few graphics, app descriptions and appstore links and you are ready to go.

And guess what, it also works on the iPad!

Apps showcase example



  • Works on iPhone and iPad

  • Supports Landscape and Portrait Mode

  • Billboard Animation (teasers will rotate every few seconds)

  • Unlimited amount of Apps that can be showcased

  • Delegates touches in order to direct users to the AppStore

  • Includes Example for iPhone and iPad to get you started

  • Includes Standalone Billboard Teaser Component


How to Use

Step 1: Extend UMMoreAppsViewController (Define Content):

- (void) loadView {
  [super loadView];
  UIImage* normalBanner = [UIImage imageNamed:@"iWinner.png"];
  [self.appImages addObject:normalBanner];  
  UIImage* smallBanner = [UIImage imageNamed:@"iWinner_small.png"];
  [self.appQueueImages addObject:smallBanner];  
  [self.appHeaders addObject:@"UM's iWinner"];   
  [self.appDescriptions addObject:@"UM's iWinner is an..."];
  // define more apps here ...

Step 2: Implement delegate methods:

- (NSString*) title {
  return @"More Apps by ultramarine-ui";

- (void) teaserTouchedWithIndex: (int) index {
  NSString* url = @"";
  [[UIApplication sharedApplication] 
      openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:url]];

Step 3: Display the UIViewController:

- (void) showMoreApps { 
    MyMoreAppsController* moreAppsController =
        [MyMoreAppsController new]; 
    [moreAppsController presentFromViewController:vc];
    [moreAppsController release];

Image Sizes

The main teaser uses images that are displayed in full width in landscape mode and only partly in portrait mode. This means that texts and important elements should be on the left side of the images since the right side of the image won't be visible in portrait mode.

The sizes are:

  • iPad, Landscape: 624x288 (visible in portrait mode: 368x288)
  • iPhone, Landscape: 390x180 (visible in portrait mode: 230x180)
  • Small teasers are using 90x60 pixels in either interface orientation on the iPhone and 144x96 on the iPad.

If you have an universal app you can just provide the iPad images, since the sizes mentioned above have the same ratio, they will be automatically scaled down (by UIImageView) on the iPhone. If you prefer you can also provide a seperate set of images for each, iPhone and iPad.

To support the Retina Display just have the usual @2x files located in your resource bundle.

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