iOS survey alerts with framework

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

Provides a simple API class for setting up UIAlerts to survey users. Alerts are updated dynamically from an online plist, and can post results to, alert your users to news about your app or take them to a URL.

Getting user feedback to help guide your development is important. This component allows you to survey users in-app, while controlling survey contents and results dynamically.

  • Displays surveys, questions, and alerts and logs survey results to database
  • Pulls survey info from an online plist file that is easy to configure
  • Refreshes the plist file from a URL of your choice on launch, for dynamic updating
  • Ask a question with up to 2 answers, ask if they want to go to a website, or display an alert



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  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Here's how you would setup the class:

SurveyAlertController *alert=[[SurveyAlertController alloc] init];

This will go out to a URL of your choosing (configurable via #define WEBPLISTLOC) and update the plist "SurveyUsers.plist" that it finds there. It does so in the background.

Then, to trigger the alert, simply call:

[alert askQuestion];

If the plist contains a new survey for the user (remember, the background update may not have completed the first time askQuestion is called), then the appropriate survey, question, or alert will be displayed. Here's how it decides what to display:

SurveyName   //Defines a unique no-spaces string for the survey. Also used for results on 
Question         //The question that should be asked.
Answer1         //The 1st answer option. Or, if this contains http:// and Answer2 is blank, display "Go There" as the button text and go to this URL if pressed.
Answer2        //The 2nd answer option.
                      //If both Answer1 and Answer2 are removed, a "News" alert is presented with just an "OK" button.
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