iOS System Utilities

iOS System Utilities

Released 4 years ago , Last update 5 months ago

System Utilities is used to acquire a wealth of details about your device including device specs, memory and disk usage, network stats, live location details, SSID, CPU, Cell, L2 Cache, Camera, SIM, Siri, Carrier, IP addresses (Web, Local and Cell), MAC addresses, DNS Servers, Bonjour and AirPlay services, Benchmarks and Media details. Over 170 methods and many not available through any iOS API. This package includes full source code and a working demo. Component is 100% App Store safe. Single app license sale!


  • Very helpfull tool that allows me to use many information of the device that otherwise would require much effort! I did tried to implement by myself some of the functionalities and it was more than hard.. It saved my day!
    PK Papadopoulos Konstantinos
    4 years ago,
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  • * too old programming.
    * some of API does not work.
    * not ARC (you need to change the code manually).
    AR Ahmad Razoogi
    2 years ago,
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  • It works out of the box.
    Simple component, extremely easy to integrate, I just used the methods onWifiNetword and getIpAddressForWifi for now.
    Great list of methods that you will probably use in almost all your apps.
    4 years ago,
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  • Nice utilities

    4 years ago,
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