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CoreData helper classes with convenience methods


IQDatabaseManager contains CoreData helper classes with convenience methods to communicate with CoreData for performing common tasks(inserting+updating+deleting+sorting+searching) on database records. Note that IQDatabaseManager is abstract class. You should not create it's object directly

IQDatabaseManager Features:

  1. Convenience methods to Insert, Update, Delete records.
  2. Convenience methods to do Searching and Sorting.


I created another subclass called MyDatabaseManager for demo purpose.


Any contribution is more than welcome! You can contribute through pull requests and issues on GitHub.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.


Step1:- Just create your Data Model & create your Entities in your Data Model.

Step2:- Drag and drop IQDatabaseMangerSubclass.h & IQDatabaseManger.h & .m file in your project.

Step3:- Subclass IQDatabaseManager with your custom class name. Import IQDatabaseManagerSubclass.h in your .m file of your custom class(Don't import it in your .h file), this is the way of implementing protected methods in Objective-C.

Step4:- Override +(NSURL*)modelURL abstract method declared in IQDatabaseManagerSubclass.h in your subclass and return your DataModel URL.

Step5:- Just write your own wrapper in your subclass with your DataModel entities with the help of IQDatabaseManagerSubclass.h header file.

Step6:- To call your methods, use it's default singleton instance via sharedManager. For example use [CustomDatabaseManager sharedManager] getAllData] to call getAllData method.

You can also create multiple subclasses of IQDatabaseManager in one project. The sharedManager method will return singleton instance per subclass. For example if you have 4 subclasses the there will be 4 singleton instances, one for each subclass.

License » MIT license Download

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