IT Repair Services for Magento

IT Repair Services for Magento

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

IT Repair Services module for Magento - an effective online solution for stores that provide hardware repair (PC, laptop, phone) services.

Offer hardware repair services on the Magento platform

Do you run a Computer / laptop or mobile repair service? Digital camera repair service? Appliances repair service iPad/ iPhone repair shop? Any other electronic gadgets fix service? Or watch repair? Any other repair services?

Based on the powerful Magento eCommerce platform this plugin adds features for listing and providing your services online without the need for a custom solution.

How it works

  • The repair shop admin adds services in the Magento backend (like 'item diagnostic') for the customers to choose from.
  • Registered users select the service they need, type custom comments / problem description and complete the shipment.
  • The admin gets notified of the completed shipments.
  • Once the repair service receives the item(s) the technicians check if it is repairable or not.
  • If it is repairable the customer gets a quote to repair the item(s) – the cost of the parts and the labor cost.
  • If the customer declines the quote or the item(s) is not repairable it is shipped back to the customer.
  • If it is repairable and the quote is accepted the customer completes the payment of the quote and the item(s) is repaired and shipped back to the customer.

The extension is customizable - please use the services tab above to request specific customization.

Live Demo

You can see the extension in action on the following sites:

Hosted Demos




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Full documentation and installation instructions are provided in a PDF manual Guide (PDF)

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