iTube Music - Free mp3 Downloader & Player

iTube Music - Free mp3 Downloader & Player

Released 3 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

The source-code of the famous iTube Music app to discover and download mp3 files from SoundCloud.

Setup / Installation / Documentation

  • Easy setup by setting the Config.h file from the app project as show on the image below:


  • Fill out the following :
  • CLIENTID (The SoundCloud API key from SoundCloud developer account. You have to create a developer account profile from , create a new app and copy/paste the Client Id key to CLIENTID field into the code. The following screen show the SoundCloud developer profile example) e.g. #define CLIENTID @"4357640d348f73edada6c7265f4e9e3";

SoundCloud profile example

  • INAPPPURCHASESKUNUMBER (SKU number from in-app purchase page from iTunes Connect account. You have to create an in-app purchase option from your app's page on iTunes Connect. Then you copy the Product ID and paste it into the INAPPPURCHASESKUNUMBER in Config.h file and do the same for APPID) e.g. #define INAPPPURCHASESKUNUMBER @"0714sdownloaderfullversion"
  • APP_ID (The application ID from iTunes Connect account) e.g #define APPID@"904363360"

iTunesConnect account In-App Purchases setup

  • APPNAME (Here you enter the preferable app name) e.g. #define APPNAME @"The Best Free Music Downloader & Player" Create a Facebook developer account from and create an app. Add the facebook app id from the official Facebook Developers page on the SDownloader-Info.plist file. Add the key to FacebookAppID field provided on the app project with fb as first characters e.g. If your FacebookAppID is 984629145873216 enter fb984629145873216 into the field of FacebookAppID. See the screenshots below:

    Facebook Developers page Info.plist file Facebook app id setup

  • Icons & Screenshots: Add the preferable icons and Splashscreens to Images folder as show below and with exact sizes to the app project by following App Store guidelines from this url :

Images setup

Example usage

The user can search any music track from the search bar, tap on a track from the list and download it instantly. Also you can copy & share the track's url with Facebook, Twitter and email. The application allows to users to have a free limit of 3 downloads and then there is an in-app purchase option to buy the full version for unlimited downloads You can store, edit and play the downloaded music tracks directly from your device on the files section. Also, you can lock the app with a password and share the files by providing the ip address of the device.




14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License (for 1 app)

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support

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