iVersion - automatic update tracking for your apps

iVersion - automatic update tracking for your apps

Released 7 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Automatically check for updates to Mac/iPhone App Store apps from within the app and notify users about the new release

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  • Version 1.10.6

    Released on May 13, 2013
    Version 1.10.6

    - Fixed crash when plist contains versions later than latest in app store

    Version 1.10.5

    - Fixed critical bug in NSJSONSerializer implementation

    Version 1.10.4

    - Added Portuguese and Russian translations
    - Now uses NSJSONSerializer if available, which solves problem with app store descriptions containing double quotes (iOS 4.x will still use the old parser)

    Version 1.10.3

    - Fixed potential infinite loop if release notes JSON contains 0x00 characters
    - On Mac OS, release notes are now displayed in a scrolling text field (thanks to Daij-Djan for the suggestion).

    Version 1.10.2

    - Fixed issues where alert would not appear, even with preview mode enabled, if app has already been released but has no release notes
    - Addressed possible issue on iOS 5.0.x where app store link does not work (unconfirmed).
    - StoreKit framework is no longer included on Mac OS
    - Added podspec

    Version 1.10.1

    - Fixed bug where iVersion would potentially display release notes for unreleased versions in the remote version plist if the user's version is not up to date with the latest version in the App Store
    - Fixed deprecation warning when targeting iOS 6 and above
    - iVersion now displays the StoreKit product view controller correctly even if a modally presented view controller has been displayed
    - Added iVersionDidPresentStoreKitModal and iVersionDidDismissStoreKitModal delegate methods
    - Added useAppStoreDetailsIfNoPlistEntryFound option
    - Added Danish translation
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