Javascript to Cocoa bridge for iOS

A lightweight javascript bridge to cocoa

TGJSBridge is a lightweight javascript bridge to cocoa. TGJSBridge is iOS4 and iPad compatible.


Usage in objective-c

Init jsBridge

TGJSBridge *jsBridge = [TGJSBridge jsBridgeWithDelegate: webViewDelegate];
webView.delegate = jsBridge;

Send notification to javascript


Listen notification from javascript

- (void)jsBridge:(TGJSBridge *)bridge didReceivedNotificationName:(NSString *)name userInfo:(NSDictionary *)userInfo fromWebView:(UIWebView *)webview

Usage in webview

Send notification to cocoa


Listen notification from cocoa

jsBridge.bind(msgName, function(userInfo){

Cancel listening notification from cocoa

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  • Very nice, it helps that it is FREE :)
    MP M Profiet
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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