JEvent Calendar

JEvent Calendar

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

A Joomla component that allows users to view a list of upcoming events.

JEvent Calendar has been designed for creating, managing, sharing and displaying events on your Joomla website. Nice to look at and easy to use, JEvent Calendar helps you show visitors a list of all your events. It also has support for sharing events on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  • Show categories and the events they contain.
  • Show date and location of events in a popup
  • Display events in articles and other pages.
  • Share events on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


The installation process described below is with a Joomla 3.x interface.

There are 3 ways to install the component:

  • Via « Upload Package File », when you have the installation package.
  • Via « Install from Directory », where you point to a directory on your server. (Use this if file size causes an issue when uploading, or another hiccup occurs.)
  • Install from a URL

  1. Visit the Joomla administrator interface
  2. Go to Extensions => Extensions Manager => Install
  3. Choose one of the three installation methods. Here, we're using the "Upload Package File" method, so click the "Browse" button and open the zip file.
  4. Finish by clicking “Upload & Install”
  5. A message will appear to say that your extension has been installed. In case of an error message, you'll be notify about the reason (incompatible version, no install package…)

Check Your Installation

Go to Extensions => Extensions Manager => Manage

Check if your extension name appears in the list.



Configuration requires information from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin:

Initial Cofiguration

After successful installation, you must configure the following menus:

  1. New category
  2. New event
  3. Social Network

« New category »tab

  • Title: Enter a title for your category.
  • Color: Choose the color you want.
  • Description: Set the description of your category.

« New event » tab

  • Description: Enter a description for your event.
  • Date: Enter the start date and end dates for events that span more than one day. Choose "Single Date" if the event lasts only one day.
  • Contact: Enter all information: Phone, Website and email.
  • Maps: Enter address, country, region, city, latitude and longitude.
  • Others information: You can note the name of the person who created the event and its creation date.

« Social Network » tab

Facebook: Create an application to receive the App ID, App Secret and a redirect URL.

Twitter: You'll need an access token, access token secret key Cusumer, Cusumer secret and redirect URL.

LinkedIn: You'll require an App Keyy, App Secret and a redirect URL.

Configuration Module and Plugin

After successfully configuring the component, you must configure the following extensions:

  • Module List (cf configuration here)
  • Module Calendar (cf configuration here)
  • Plugin (cf configuration here)


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee



The GNU GPL is an open-source license.

1 license From » $20.00 View Licenses

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