jQuery Fixed WidgetBar for Wordpress

Released 4 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

A WordPress plugin for adding a fixed toolbar to your site or blog for fixed navigation, advertising space on other relevant content.

Add a fixed sidebar to your Wordpress site

This plugin will add a fixed toolbar for your site and 2 new menus in the administration area to manage it. You can then add widgets in the sidebars and they automatically appear on the toolbar as buttons which you click to show the widget's content (similar to a menu). The toolbar will be positioned on the bottom of your site's screen and will be fixed there while you scroll.

The plugin works with any template and any wordpress configuration.


  1. Creates a toolbar which will be fixed positioned at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Adds two sidebars on your administration area. One is for widgets who are displayed as button and the other for widgets who are displayed as is.
  3. The toolbar is themed using jquery ui themes.
  4. List of default themes to choose from.
  5. You can add any widget on the toolbar. The widget's title is a button on the toolbar and the widget itself appears when you click its button.

See the demo for a demonstration of how it works in practice.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Hosted License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, 1 server

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support

Setup / installation

Log in to the admin area of your WordPress powered site/blog as administrator. From the left menu, go to Plugins -> Add New, then choose Upload select the zip file and click Install Now.

Activate the plugin and you are one step away from being ready!


Once you have activated the plugin, you will find a new link on your left menu named "Fixed Toolbar Settings". Click it and you will be presented with the options of the plugin.

NOTICE: For the plugin to work, you must go to the settings and press save at least with the defaults.

Plugin settings

  • Load jQuery : Yes / No (whether jQuery has to be loaded or not)
  • jQuery version : input the version of jquery to be loaded
  • jQueryUI version : input the version of jqueryUI to be loaded
  • Source : Internet / Local (whether to load jQuery and jQueryUI from CDN or from your site) In the brackets you can see where the files must be placed when local is selected
  • Skin name : select the skin to be loaded
  • Show effect : effect to be used when clicking on a button to display a widget
  • Effect duration : effect duration when displaying a widget
  • Effect type : effect type (used with 'normal' option at show effect)
  • Path to icon : path to an icon to be displayed on the left of the toolbar
  • Custom styles : css to override styles of the widgets easily

How to make use of it

From the menu on the left, go to Appearence -> Widgets. You will find that there are two new sidebar items - Fixed Toolbar Widgets and Fixed Toolbar Right Widgets. The first sidebar is displayed as buttons, whereas the second one is displays directly in the toolbar.

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  • TN Thodoris Ntounas 3 years ago
    Hello, Thanks for the interest! If you want to add a sidebar on your site, then yes, this is the plugin you need. You can add any widget on it to be displayed. So, you must have the text resizer as a widget to add it to this sidebar. As for the position it is purely controlled by css. It uses jquery themes, so yes, it works regardless what theme you have. If you want tell me the site you need to add it to to understand better what you need. Thanks again for the interest!
  • T tom 3 years ago
    Hi there, If i understand it correctly it will place a extra bar to the left or right (Positioned by css) I need on the left or right a bar on every page for people to make the text bigger for example. It should be placed next to the widgetbar and page so outside the content part.. Is this it?? Works it with every theme?