jQuery Notifications Plugin

jQuery Notifications Plugin

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Notify is a beautiful, easily integratable and flexible jquery plugin which allows you to easily show notifications of various types to your users

The plugin makes it simpler than ever before to easily and continuously update your users of what is happening on your website at any moment. You can theme the notifications however you choose, you have complete freedom. You can customize the notifications to look like Mac Growl or you can customize them to look like horizontal messages, sky's the limit!

We hope you enjoy Notify and if you have suggestions or feature request please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Responsive
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Less
  • Customizable
  • Font Awesome ready (Click here)
  • Docs available (Click here)


  • FREE 2 themes included Flat UI and Dark


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee



The GNU LGPL is an open-source license.

Setup / installation

If you wish to quickly use the plugin please follow these instructions:

  1. Import the notify.js javascript file located in the js directory into your project
  2. Import the jquery library using Google CDN or download the jquery files to your project
  3. Import one of the notify themes i.e. Flat or Dark from the css directory into your project
  4. Check out the docs for notification options and other useful examples
  5. Done! That simple.

Optionally you can import the jQuery Easing plugin for more options on effects and Font Awesome if you would like to use their extensive icon sets.

Example usage

If you wish to get started quickly here is quick use example:

<div id="notes"></div>
$(function() {

    var notes = $('#notes').notify();

    notes.show("I'm Notify the jquery plugin", {
        title: 'Hi There!'

2 licenses, starting from From » FREE View Licenses

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