Released 4 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

JSignature is a JavaScript library for adding a signature pad field into HTML form.

Questions & Comments

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  • KL Ken Lewis 1 year ago
    Can you provide an AngularJS app for this?
  • P Patrick 1 year ago
    how to works with Joomla?
  • A a.brillant 2 years ago
    Hi, JSignature works with any standard HTML forms, I don't know BreezingForms. Best wishes, Alexandre Brillant
  • FM Francisco Mora 2 years ago
    I can use jsignature in joomla? with BreezingForms thank you,
    • A a.brillant 2 years ago
      Hi, JSignature works with any standard HTML forms, I don't know BreezingForms. Best wishes, Alexandre Brillant
  • SB Shaveen Bageloo 2 years ago
    Hi there. I want to add this signature to a custom C# asp.net application I am building for a client. Can this jSignature create an image to disk after the user has signed on it? Please advise as I need the Signature Image to be added to another HTML webpage that will convert to an PDF. Thx Shaveen
    • Alexandre Brillant Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi, Yes, the image is provided as a base 64 format in PNG by default, you can save it without problem and includes it into your PDF. Here the code in C# for having your image binary from the signature field : var YourPNGImage = System.Convert.FromBase64String(YourSignatureFieldValue); Best regards, Alexandre Brillant
  • AW Andrea Wong License holderHosted License
    Purchased on Aug 17, 2014
    3 years ago
    I just sent you a private support ticket but after clicking 'send', an error was displayed. Did you get my ticket? Thx
  • TB Tony Bartlett License holderDeveloper License
    Purchased on Aug 3, 2014
    3 years ago
    Hi, JSignature doesn't work when browser has been resized and scroll down to different position and then the canvas doesn't allow me to draw anything until I scroll back the original position in Firefox 31 and IE11, but it seems to be fine in Chrome. This issue can be replicated in the DEMO page. Any help?
    • Alexandre Brillant Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi, It has been fixed on IE11 and FireFox in the last release 1.02. Tx for your feedback. Best wishes, Alexandre Brillant.
  • O Oded 3 years ago
    Trying to run the above code in IE9 and as HTA extension with no luck. On Chrome it is running fine. Any idea?
  • A ahmed License holderHosted License
    Purchased on Jul 4, 2014
    3 years ago
    I'm using ASP.net vb and C# and i would like to know if there a way i can send the signature box to the next page and save it in my database.
    • Alexandre Brillant Publisher 3 years ago
      Yes without problem, the image is encoded in a base 64 format that is a text format and so can be stored inside your database. Best regards, Alexandre Brillant.
  • JT Jerry Tapper 3 years ago
    I am a bit naive at this so I hope you will bear with me. I have a requirement to place a "live" signature on a pdf document as proof of work completed. I saw the "demo" of JSgnature and think this may be able to be used. Can it be used for this purpose and is it difficult to set up? Jerry
    • Alexandre Brillant Publisher 3 years ago
      Hello, JSignature will provide you a PNG or JPG image of the signature encoded in base 64, you just have to decode it and insert it using your favorite PDF library. Note that decoding a base 64 content is supported by most language and this is similar for inserting an image in a PDF which is a common usage and so you shouldn't have problems for that. Best wishes, Alexandre Brillant
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