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A versatile multiple item selector UI control for iOS

KNMultiItemSelector for iOS

KNMultiItemSelector is a versatile drop in multiple items selector for iOS projects. It works with both iPhone and iPad for several usage scenarios. See features and screenshots below


View a demo clip here


  • Multiple items selector with simple NSArray
  • Subclass of UIViewController
  • Enable/Disable table index
  • Enable/Disable search control
  • Enable/Disable recent items
  • Optional image with out-of-box caching
  • Facebook friends selector demo project

Usage examples and Documentation

Visit Documentation to see how it is used and other configuration options

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MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.

License » MIT license Download

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  • LN Lobov Nikolay 6 years ago
    Could you give Basic demo (not FB), please?
    • Kent Nguyen Publisher 6 years ago
      It's included, did you try running the project?
    • LN Lobov Nikolay 6 years ago
      Sorry, had already figured out