LEARN course management iOS 8 app & CMS [Swift 2 & Objective-C]

LEARN course management iOS 8 app & CMS [Swift 2 & Objective-C]

Released 3 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

LEARN is a course management system composed of an iOS 8 app (iPhone and iPad) template and web-based backend. Administrators can add courses and send push notifications straight from their browser to users of the mobile app.

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  • M Mahendra 2 years ago
    Hello Nikita, I like this app and would like to buy. However, prior to purchase I have few concerns such as backend. I am aware that Parse is shutting down its services and offering data migration services and also started asking people to migrate their app's data. What is an alternate option you have planned for its backend? If this could be done using Windows Azure's Cloud backend then it could be a great app as I believe Azure cloud is great for app's backend. Please advice. Thanks
  • N nrq 3 years ago
    Hello, could you add categories and subcategories? So the lessons can be organized in categories. For example, BOOK1, CHAPTER1, lesson1
  • DP David Petersen 3 years ago
    Hi Nikita! I'm interested in knowing if you could develop an Android version of this app. Also, I'm interested in adjusting parts of the UI. What are your thoughts?
  • M Mahendra 3 years ago
    Could you make complete CMS on parse please? Thanks
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