Literally Canvas Pro Tools

Literally Canvas Pro Tools

Released 2 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

A paint bucket (flood fill) tool and a spray paint tool for Literally Canvas

Two classic tools for your online drawing app

The Literally Canvas open source JavaScript library provides several built-in tools, but if you want your online drawing application to meet the professional standards of MS Paint, you'll need more.

Paint Bucket/Flood Fill

Click in any area and watch the computer color inside the lines with the current fill color. Adjust the meaning of "inside the lines" with a simple slider.

Spray Paint

One-pixel droplets of paint in the current stroke color fall on the canvas in a circle around the cursor. The rate and radius of the droplets' fall are determined with simple sliders.


  1. Download the zip file and decompress it. It is a git repository; this is because Literally Canvas (the library for which this product is an add-on)  is not yet listed on NPM, so the easiest way to get a demo running is to include it as a submodule.
  2. Follow the instructions in

The download comes with instructions for use as a CommonJS module or concatenated script, plus an interactive demo page. CommonJS usage looks like this:


  {imageURLPrefix: "my/image/path"});


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    does this product have a demo?