Macaco Jump Platformer Game for iOS

Macaco Jump Platformer Game for iOS

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

The complete source for the "Macao Jump" game with three levels, three different types of Ads, GameCenter integration and push notifications.

Create a jumping platformer game for the iPhone, by customizing the graphics of the game and updating the IDs of the external services such as Ad and push notifications.

This is the complete source of the popular "Macaco Jump" game. In the game, you move the character by tilting your phone (accelerometer based control), going higher by collecting fruits and jumping on boxes (some are fragile, so be careful!) .

The game contains three levels , the first is already unlocked while the other two are unlocked by scoring points:

  • Level 0 [ unlocked ]
  • Level 1 [ 3000 Fruits points ]
  • Level 2 [10000 Fruits points]

The App publishes scores on the Game Center, divided into 4 leaderboards, 3 levels of play and one for the total fruit harvest for the game session.

In addition, Push notifications managed by Parse and 3 different types of Ad are integrated:

  • Apple iAd [banner at the bottom of the app ]
  • Ad RevMob [banner full screen]
  • Ad AdBuddiz [banner full screen]

Download the free game from the Appstore to try it out.


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Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support


Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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The first view allows us to select the level at which to start playing or see charts of the top players on Game Center. Banner at the bottom, above the label with a summary of our best score, both in height and in places fruit crops. iPhone Home iPhone Macaco Game

After playing you will see a list view with the score made ​​in the last session and our best score. iPhone Macaco End Game

Open Game Center from Home iPhone Game Center

Create Levels from PLIST Plist Structure: Plist Levels are created using the plist file (key -> value), the file is structured in the following way: the key "EndY" represents the maximum height level, this value is reached the level is completed. Then there are two Dictionary, one for fruit and one for the props. Within both dictionaries are defined in the "Pattern" or the structures of default and then a list of the positions of the objects to be included in the layer. PLIST files are read in class "MyScene.m" within dell'init where there is a real decoder is just before the file is loaded correctly depending on the level chosen, then the height is set maximum level and then using for loops are placed fruits and props (blocks of two types and clouds).

Setup / Ad - iAd, RevMob, AdBuddiz

This app contains three different types of AD:

  • Apple iAd (banner at the bottom of the app)
  • Ad AdBuddiz (banner fullscreen)
  • Ad RevMob (banner fullscreen)

The iAd banner is shown in all the views at the bottom of the app, is initialized in the class "ViewController".

Configure AdBuddiz

Step 1: Create a new AdBuddiz account, go to Step 2: Link your app with AdBuddiz (you must have app ID, from Step 3: Downlaod and add AdBuddiz Framework to your project,also add the following frameworks: SystemConfiguration, AdSupport and StoreKit. Step 4: in AppDelegate import

#import AdBuddiz/AdBuddiz.h

and in "applicationDidBecomeActive" add:

[AdBuddiz setPublisherKey:@"YOURPYUBLISHERKEY];
[AdBuddiz cacheAds];

Step 5: Show Ad, wherever you want to display an ad, add the following import and SDK call.

 #import AdBuddiz/AdBuddiz.h
[AdBuddiz showAd];

In this game AdBuddiz is configured to be shown when the Macaque falls and ends the game, we find the call to the banner in the class "EndGameScene"

 [AdBuddiz showAd];

Configure RevMob

Step 1: Create a new RevMob account, go to Step 2: After login, go to "Apps" section and add a new App, in this way you will have the key to your app Step 3: Download the latest version of the revmob SDK, open the SDK directory drag and drop the directory RevMobAds.framework inside one file group of your project on XCode (usually, "Frameworks"). Step 4: To use the RevMobAds.framework, just import it (in .h or .m files) in every class you want to use it

#import RevMobAds/RevMobAds.h

Step 5: Inside didFinishLaunchingWithOptions on AppDelegate, add

[RevMobAds startSessionWithAppID:@"copy your RevMob App ID here"];
Step 6: Add fullscreen ad at start of the app:
- (void)applicationDidBecomeActive:(UIApplication *)application {
    [[RevMobAds session] showFullscreen];
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