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MatrixView is a JavaScript library that enables web application developers to easily and unobtrusively add rich functionality to standard HTML unordered lists, such as keyboard navigation and mouse selection. It is great for enhancing photo galleries, file browsers, and more! MatrixView is written for use with the Prototype framework.

  • Unobtrusive Design
    MatrixView stays out of your way so you can focus on what's important. Just point it at a standard unordered list and MatrixView takes care of the rest!

  • Callback Support
    Define custom callbacks/handlers for various events within the matrix view, such as opening or removing an object.

  • Selection by Mouse & Keyboard
    Handles selection of one or more objects using your keyboard and mouse. Click to select, double-click to open, combine clicks and keyboard navigation to expand selection with shift+click and shift+arrows. Also supports common keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+A to select all objects, enter to open, and backspace/delete for deletion.

  • Keyboard Navigation
    Allows you to navigate the matrix using the arrow keys and other shortcuts on your keyboard.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.

Usage Instructions



Specify a function will be called when any selection is cleared.


Define a function that will be called upon any captured delete action for any selected items within the view.


Specify a function that will be called when an item or a selection of items is opened (e.g. by double-click or pressing Enter).


Specify a function to be called upon the selection of an item within the view.


Setting up a MatrixView - example

License » MIT license Download

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