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Merengue CMS, a Django based CMS on steroids

Merengue is a fully featured CMS framework built on top of Django framework. It's not only a plug-and-play CMS but a framework to build CMS sites at top speed with clean and re-usable code, using our preferred web framework.

In order to achieve we have:

  • Taken conventions that are not provided in Django; Merengue is designed to develop CMS websites and not to develop generic web applications. Thanks to these conventions Merengue has features such as skinnable, pluggable, etc.
  • Created both a complete API for managing content and a poweful out-of-the-box CMS with all of the basic needs of any CMS site (permissions, theming, plugins, actions, etc.).
  • Built a pluggable system that allows plugins to create new models, handle URLs, define content or site actions, create blocks, customize admin zones, etc.
  • Created a default data model with all of the requirements to allow content management. You can inherit some of these models in your plugins to create new content types.


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The GNU LGPL is an open-source license.


When you're ready to start a project, you can start with the tutorial or dive right into more detailed documentation.


Translatable models

Navigation Systmes

Skinnable feature

Visual blocks management

License » GNU LGPL Download

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