Midi Animation Starter Kit for iOS

Midi Animation Starter Kit for iOS

Released 6 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

A starter kit and PDF tutorial that demonstrates and explains how to load, parse and play multi-instrument MIDI files in iOS, and how to create a real-time animation based on the MIDI notes.

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Installation Instructions

When you've downloaded the sample project unzip the directory to the desired location.

  • The directory contains the Xcode sample project and a PDF document containing a detailed explanation of the code.
  • In order for the MIDI file to be played it's necessary to download a SoundFont file. The SoundFont provides the instrument sounds for the MIDI file. Due to it's size, the SoundFont file is not included with the sample project.
  • The SoundFont can be downloaded here. Once downloaded, place the SoundFont file in the "Resources" directory of the Xcode project and you're ready to go!
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  • LH lingfeng huang 1 week ago
    Hi ,I have paid ,But i also can not down load it ? Can you tell me why?
    • BS Ben Smiley 3 days ago
      It's likely this is a problem with the Binpress platform. I don't think it's maintained any more. Can you email me at ben [at] chatsdk [dot] co with your purchase receipt and I'll send you the project directly.
  • YG Yupeng Gu 2 years ago
    Hi, Ben, Are you still maintaining this project and open to customization request?
  • KH Krishnamurthy Hegde 2 years ago
    Hi Ben Smiley, Wanted to check if there are plans to release the swift version of the code anytime soon.
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      It's unlikely a Swift version of this project would be released since it would require re-writing the entire project. If you are using Swift, I'd recommend using the code as it is and mixing Swift and Objective-C in your project.