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Money Pig

Released 2 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

Are you worried about your financial future? Money Pig can help by organizing your financial data so you can make the most of it. Money Pig allows you to plan out your income and expenses, providing charts around your current and future financial life. Best of all, it does so securely.


Knowledge at Your Fingertips 

Money Pig is a money management tool designed to help you see what your money is doing and how you are using your money.  Money Pig allows you to plan out your income, provide visualization around your current and future financial life and produce a quick budget.  If you are having trouble tracking your financies, Money Pig is for you.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Money Pig is different than other applications in a few ways.  First of all, it does not save your data to the cloud.  Many companies and even governments have been hacked recently. These include: Sony, US Post Office, Staples, Kmart, Target and J.P. Morgan Chase.

Rather than have a database filled with millions of user's data which only takes one hack, we believe it is better to keeping it local to your computers you are in control of your data.  This also means we can't sell your data to third parties, because we do not have it.  Money Pig allows for password protecting with encryption that the NSA uses for what they define as TOP SECRET documents.  Money Pig is designed around a user who might have rental income or a small business.  Our software is designed around creating rules to help you quickly keep track of write offs and business expenses.  Finally, Money Pig is designed to give insight into your current spending behaviors and make up your own mind how to budget, rather than telling you how to live or make you feel guilty.  We believe: Knowledge is power. Keep you in the know and the bad guys out.

Money Pig Supports

  • 20+ reports: cashflow, forecasting, budget, account transactions, writeoffs and more
    • Reporting by various time periods, such as weekly and monthly
    • Variety of charting options
  • Automated rule sets for categorization, writeoffs detection, payee renaming
  • Password protecting with encryption that the NSA uses for TOP SECRET documents
  • Deep data filtering in any grid, per column
  • Powerful import tools for CSV and QIF files
    • Multi-bank CSV format support
  • Automatic backup system allowing you to go back to any previous save
  • Extremely fast even with tens of thousands of transactions
  • Export to Excel
  • Multi-account support, including credit cards
  • Auto-archive older transactions
  • Ability to annotate your financial reports
  • Highly standardized design allows you to quickly master its features
  • Over 100 categories built in by default
  • Motivated development team interested in making the product better in the years to come
    • For insight into money management, why not check out our blog


  • Time Saving

    Allows you to automate most of your transaction data for quick analysis. Allows importing from multiple sources using CSV or QIF. Faster than setting up your own excel spreadsheet, but with flexible and powerful reporting and methods to make it easy to find specific data and trends.


    Designed from the ground up to protect your data from thieves. You are also secure in the knowledge that when you buy this product, you own it for life. Unlike some competitors, who sunset their products, when you purchase a Money Pig license, that version of Money Pig is yours for life.


    All of your reporting rules can be applied at the click of a button. Reports can be reviewed in the click of a button. You can examine your finances day by day or year by year.

Licensing Features

Attribute Current Version Commercial - All Versions
Data Imports
Unlimited Accounts
1 Year of Support
Commercial Usage  
Free Upgrades  
Priority Support  



30 day 30-day money-back guarantee


Money Pig Demo

  • 30-day limited trial

  • Non-commercial use



    There are over 20 different reports to meet your needs.  These reports can be visualized in four different data views and viewed in dozens of different charts, allowing you to slice the data up in hundreds of different ways.

    Life is complicated and messy.  Using categories, you can make things simple. However, no one wants to categorize all their transactions by hand.  So rules allow you to categorize your transactions in bulk.  Rules also allow you to adjust your write offs, payees and more.

    You might have thousands of transactions in a year.  However, you're looking for one that happened last month for your vet.  Filters to the rescue!  You can filter all your transactions down to just the one you want in seconds.

    Some programs require you to learn lots of different menus and widgets.  With Money Pig, nearly everything is a grid, like excel.

    You had a good month.  You got a gift from your grandmother.  Now all your reports and graphs look out of place. Add a note explain what happened and it will show up in the reports!

    Want to keep track of your credit cards as well as your savings and checking accounts?  Well, Money Pig is happy to help.



  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Microsoft .net 4.5
  • Resolution: 1024x768
  • An interest in understanding your finances
  • For more details, see our FAQ

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