Money Pig

Money Pig

Released 2 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

Are you worried about your financial future? Money Pig can help by organizing your financial data so you can make the most of it. Money Pig allows you to plan out your income and expenses, providing charts around your current and future financial life. Best of all, it does so securely.

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    Released on Mar 25, 2016
    Money Pig 1.0.03

    * Fixes:
    - Windows 10 would throw an error the first time you launch Money Pig if you didn't run it as an administrator.

    Money Pig 1.0.02

    * Fixes:
    - Error message when pasting in a rules screen.
    - Copy and pasting selections within a cell now work as expected.

    Money Pig 1.0.01

    Added ability to demo Money Pig for free.

    Money Pig 1.0.0

    * Initial Release:
    - 20+ unique reports.
    - Preview Charting + Detailed charting options
    - Report that ONLY shows duplicate transactions
    - Budgeting
    - Reporting By various units of time (Months, Quarters, Years, Days and more).
    - Password/Encryption support
    - Report filtering (Last Year, This Year, Only Deposits and more).
    - Csv (Excel) and Qif import support
    - Multiple Csv formats supported/saved
    - Csv (Excel) and Tsv (tab separated values) export support
    - Budget Support.
    - Write Offs.
    - Categories.
    - Rule sets to update categories, accounts, and write offs.
    - Auto archiving on every save.

    * Fixes:
    - None.

    Help can be found at
    Forum assistance can be found at:
    Bugs can be reported to:

    Special thanks to:
    Mr. Reeder


    Known Issues:
    1. Support for filtering is limited to smaller datasets. Larger datasets, over about 10,000 rows, take minutes to appear. Use the archiving feature to filter out older or excessive data first.
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