Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

mooSlidingLabels allows to give an alternative effect to the placeholder attribute of any given input. Even though the placeholder attribute is HTML5 native, you can still use it in html4, or can use the value attribute, to set the label text.

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  • RH Ray Howell 6 years ago
    Hi.. Just a quick comment. The demo doesnt function in IE9 - had to click to compatiable mode to use it which usggests I would have to add the 'treat this as ie8' metatag at page level.. Is this general for mootools?
    • Marcelo Origoni Publisher 6 years ago
      The demo it's built using mootools 1.2, which is not compatible with IE9, I'm thinking in migrating it to mootools 1.4, but I'm quite short on time right now.
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