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Displays interactive tree hierarchy with animated collapse and expand events. Ca be used as accordions.

With MyTreeTableView you can crete tree tables that support tree hierarchy with nice animation effects.

Key features:

  • Allows to display hierarchal data.
  • Animated collapse/expand.
  • Nodes can be supplied via delegate, loaded from XML or constructed on the fly.
  • Several predefined arrow styles with arbitrary colors.
  • Node cells can be customized.
  • Can reuse cells for optimized performance.
  • Cells can be created in Storyboard.
  • Documentation with Quick Start Guide that integrates into XCode and two demo projects.
  • Uses the same development concepts as the standard UITableView
  • Easy integration (add files to your project + add CoreImage framework)

MyTreeTableView was designed to use the standard programming concepts such as delegates, data sources and UIView subclassing, so using MyTreeTableView is almost no different than using standrad UITableView class. Basically you create a MyTreeTableView object, assign a data source that will provide data and a delegate that will receive user actions and your tree view is ready to serve your app's needs.


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Application License

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  • 1 project

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

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