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Asterisk Manager Interface client written for nodejs

NAMI stands for Nodejs AMI, it is an Asterisk Manager Interface client written for nodejs, it will let you listen for asynchronous events as well as sending actions and receive the response with the associated events, written entirely in plain javascript


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Apache License, 2.0

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, unlimited servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Commercial use

  • Attribution required


NAMI means Node Asterisk Manager Interface. It is a client for the Asterisk Manager Protocol, implemented in JavaScript for Node.

Where to find

You can find NAMI:

  • Home:
  • Github:
  • Ohloh:
  • Freshmeat:

See the README file for more information.


  • Event Driven (the framework will dispatch events to your listener).
  • Lightweight, easy of use, and useful.
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous events (Actions with Responses, and Responses with Events associated).



  • Nodejs (Tested with 0.4.10)
  • log4js (For logging, tested with 0.3.8)

Installing with npm

npm install log4js  
npm install nami  

Manual Install

You can download NAMI directly from github in the following forms:



For a very quickstart: for a quick example.

License » Apache License, 2.0 Download

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