.Net AJAX Image Gallery

.Net AJAX Image Gallery

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Image gallery with AJAX support for loading additional image asynchronously.


Nicegallery is an ASP.Net (.Net 4.0) image gallery component with AJAX support for image transitions.

  • Can be used with VB.Net or C#.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Can slide pictures with a timer (controlled in the settings).
  • Every picture can have text and be linked to an external page


  • Include NiceGallery.ascx and NiceGallery.ascx.vb in your asp.net web page.
  • Create folder for pictures and name it for example NiceGalleryPics.
  • Set pictures in NiceGalleryPics folder.
  • Run SetNiceGallery application, which will create / edit XML file that represents pictures info (name, image text, hyperlink). Then you must set NiceGallery properties.

For creating a new XML file click on File Menu -> New File, then browse NiceGalleryPics folder. Check all pictures that you want to show in NiceGallery and set if you want their text and/or hyperlink. When you are finished click on save NiceGallery file button.


  1. PicturesRelativePath – relative path from client side
  2. PicturesWindowsPath – path from server side
  3. ImagesSettingsPath – xml file(NiceGallery images info) path from server side
  4. SetPicturesTimer – slide show(true or false)
  5. TimeBetweenPics – time for pause between pictures(in miliseconds)
  6. ImageTextStyle – style of image text
  7. NiceGalleryWidth – width of NiceGallery
  8. NiceGalleryHeight – height of NiceGallery
  9. NiceGalleryBackgroundColor – background color(string)
  10. NiceGalleryBorderWidth- border width(in px)
  11. NavigationButtonsWidth – width of navigation buttons(in px)
  12. LeftNavigationButtonText – text on left navigation button
  13. RightNavigationButtonText- text on right navigation button
  14. NiceGalleryBorderColor- color of NiceGallery border(string)

For example:

    NiceGallery1.PicturesRelativePath = "NiceGallerypics/"
    NiceGallery1.PicturesWindowsPath = MapPath("NiceGallerypics")
    NiceGallery1.ImagesSettingsPath = MapPath("a.xml")
    NiceGallery1.SetPicturesTimer = False
    NiceGallery1.TimeBetweenPics = 5000
    NiceGallery1.ImageTextStyle = "margin-top:250px;font-size:30px;background- color:yellow;opacity:0.5"
    NiceGallery1.NiceGalleryWidth = 800
    NiceGallery1.NiceGalleryHeight = 300
    NiceGallery1.NiceGalleryBackgroundColor = "#1E1E1E"
    NiceGallery1.NiceGalleryBorderWidth = 20
    NiceGallery1.NavigationButtonsWidth = 100
    NiceGallery1.LeftNavigationButtonText = "<"
    NiceGallery1.RightNavigationButtonText = ">"
    NiceGallery1.NiceGalleryBorderColor = "#000000"



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