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Checks user and password via internet.

This program can check if a user with the specified password exists. Requires an internet connection and a file on the internet. The installation and use is very easy and will not require more than a few minutes to set up.


This DLL comes with only few and clear, but at the same time effective functions. It can be used for people who are new to C# but also professionals can benefit from this DLL. All this combined creates a small but very fast component on which you can rely on.


Add the OnlineLogin.dll to your project as a reference. Create a file on your website with all users and passwords, if such a file doesn't already exist. Ensure that the file has the following format: Username - Password


Initialize a new Login object with this simple line:

Login userLogin = new Login();

Then, tell the DLL where the file is. Replace the sample URL with the URL of the file.


Finally, check the existence of a user and the corresponding password like so:

userLogin.CheckUser(username, password);

The two last functions should be stored in an integer variable, so that it can be used in an if statement, where it should belong to. For the check, use this if statement:

int check = userLogin.CheckUser(username, password);
if(check == 1)

And for the initialisation you can use this sample:

int init = userLogin.Init("");
if(init == 1)

Note: 1 always equals true, 0 always equals false.

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  • GS Gnokal Smarjuk 4 years ago
    There are some issues severe issues with this code, the most important being that you probably don't want to have your unencrypted passwords somewhere out in the wild.
  • CP Connor Postma 6 years ago
    Glitchy... :/ when i enter nothing, success. when i enter part of the passwerd even just 1 character from it, sucess. the only time it denies is if both are completlely wrong and don't even have the same letters. But it is open source so i guess i am just going to have to edit and re-build it with a better auth system