PageFlip 3D Book SDK

PageFlip 3D Book SDK

Released 6 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

PageFlip 3D Book SDK is the easiest way to create a high-resolution story book with intuitive OpenGL page flip effect.

PageFlip 3D Book SDK is the easiest way to create a custom story book (like a children's story book or a browsable brochure) for iOS platform (iPad or iPhone/iPod). All you need is high resolution graphics images of your content. Just place those images into an XCode project as JPEGs, build, and you're ready to submit to the AppStore. The advantage of this technology over iBooks is that you have full control over creativity. You get full source code so you can customize your book in various ways: make book interactive, add original effects in Open GL, add customized animations and games.

Features include:

  • Intuitive 3D OpenGL page flip transition effect
  • High Definition 2048x1024 textures support (dynamically loaded on-the-fly by a separate thread)
  • Works well with older iPhone and iPad models (has small memory footprint)
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Thumbs gallery (color frame outline indicating current page)
  • Next/Prev page buttons and finger touch controls
  • Sound effects
  • 'Page changed' callback (for voice narrations and custom triggering)
  • Compatible with ALL iOS devices and iOSes
  • Book wrap around mode (last page flips back to first page)
  • Minimum OS requirement: iOS 6
  • Current page index
  • Fully customizable

Check out the demo project on AppStore and you basically get the full source code to it.

Note: Existing users, contact me for free upgrade to 2.0

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  • H hakeem License holderSingle App License
    Purchased on Nov 27, 2012
    5 years ago
    Hi, does this work with iPhone and iPad i06 thanks.
    • Dmitry Boldyrev Publisher 3 years ago
      I just published version 2.0 with all devices compatibility. It is built with latest XCode 6.2. Also many improvements and bug fixes since 1.0. If enough people buy it, I will also add shadows and lighting :)
  • H hakeem License holderSingle App License
    Purchased on Nov 27, 2012
    6 years ago
    Hi, thankyou for your reply. Iam a graphic artist, and not a programmer, i wanted something like a starter kit which i can use, without coding.Do u have any starter kit or guide me to example how to add interactive, for my story book thank you so much for your time.
  • H hakeem License holderSingle App License
    Purchased on Nov 27, 2012
    6 years ago
    Hi, if i want to add animation, to make book more interactive thanks.
    • Dmitry Boldyrev Publisher 6 years ago
      it is possible to do this. You can do it two ways: one way is to extract each frame and update 3d texture, and tell the page to redraw (OpenGL way). Another way is to do it in 2D and just overlay it over page, and just before the page flip you can upload current frame into texture memory. I think maybe 1st way is better, because loading into texture memory is quite fast and watching animations while page turning could be a really neat effect.