PayPal Adaptive Payments Pro PayFlow CodeIgniter Library

PayPal Adaptive Payments Pro PayFlow CodeIgniter Library

Released 4 years ago , Last update 11 months ago

A custom library for CodeIgniter that provides access to all PayPal NVP, Authentication, Permissions, Invoicing, Adaptive Payments, and PayFlow API's.

Now Available on GitHub!

Important Notice

This CodeIgniter specific version of this class library is no longer being maintained. It will remain here in its current state, but all future updates and maintenance will be focused on our standard library.

The standard library is now fully compatible with Composer and available on Packagist so you may use it in CodeIgniter or any other framework you wish.

This library includes all of the PayPal NVP API calls as well as Adaptive Payments, Invoicing, Adaptive Accounts, Permissions, and PayFlow.

The controller includes "template" methods for every call that includes all of the possible parameters that can be passed into that particular call. 

All you have to do is fill in the blank parameters in the array templates and pass that into the library method.  An array will be returned with all of the response fields from PayPal as well as a few extra fields for troubleshooting purposes.

PayPal Payments Pro

  • AddressVerify
  • BillAgreementUpdate
  • BillOutstandingAmount
  • CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile
  • DoAuthorization
  • DoCapture
  • DoDirectPayment
  • DoExpressCheckoutPayment
  • DoMobileCheckoutPayment
  • DoNonReferencedCredit
  • DoReauthorization
  • DoReferenceTransaction
  • DoVoid
  • GetAccessPermissionsDetails
  • GetAuthDetails
  • GetBalance
  • GetBillingAgreementCustomerDetails
  • GetExpressCheckoutDetails
  • GetTransactionDetails
  • ManagePendingTransactionStatus
  • ManageRecurringPaymentsProfileStatus
  • MassPay
  • RefundTransaction
  • SetAccessPermissions
  • SetExpressCheckout
  • SetMobileCheckout
  • TransactionSearch
  • UpdateAccessPermissions
  • UpdateRecurringPaymentsProfile

PayPal Adaptive Payments

  • AddBankAccount
  • AddPaymentCard
  • CancelInvoice
  • CancelPermissions
  • CancelPreapproval
  • CreateAccount
  • CreateAndSendInvoice
  • CreateInvoice
  • ExecutePayment
  • GetAccessToken
  • GetAdvancedPersonalData
  • GetBasicPersonalData
  • GetFundingPlans
  • GetInvoiceDetails
  • GetPaymentOptions
  • GetPermissions
  • GetShippingAddress
  • GetVerifiedStatus
  • MarkInvoiceAsPaid
  • Pay
  • PaymentDetails
  • Preapproval
  • PreapprovalDetails
  • Refund
  • RequestPermissions
  • SearchInvoices
  • SendInvoice
  • SetFundingSourceConfirmed
  • SetPaymentOptions
  • UpdateInvoice
  • BMButtonSearch

PayPal PayFlow

  • Authorization
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Credit
  • Delayed Capture
  • Voice Authorization
  • Inquiry
  • Data Upload
  • Duplicate Transaction
  • Sale
  • Void
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  • P Prabaharan 6 hours ago
    When i install adaptive payment in my localhost codeigniter admin side,it'll show error,kindly see the screenshot What's the solution?
    • Andrew Angell Publisher 4 hours ago
      Can you provide a zip of your structure so I can take a look?
  • S San 2 weeks ago
    How to get the token value to set at Set_express_checkout().
    • Andrew Angell Publisher 2 weeks ago
      For Set_express_checkout() the token is not required. That's the call that is used to generate the token. It includes the parameter in situations where you might be circling back around, but it's rarely used that way.
  • S San 2 weeks ago
    I have one featured service for my site users like they list their business as featured by making a payment. so my question is that which payment option is better for that adaptive, payflow or payment_pro. please suggest me.
    • Andrew Angell Publisher 2 weeks ago
      Hi San, I would recommend Express Checkout for people paying with PayPal and DoDirectPayment for people paying with a credit card. For DDP you'll need to sign up for the full Pro service with PayPal. That allows you to process cards directly on the site. If you go with EC by itself you can still accept cards from people who don't have PayPal, but it would happen through the PayPal pages. Hope that helps!
    • S San 2 weeks ago
      A express checkout options is in the library you have provided?
    • Andrew Angell Publisher 2 weeks ago
      Yes, Express Checkout is available in the Pro class. The methods are SetExpressCheckout, GetExpressCheckoutDetails, and DoExpressCheckoutPayment.
    • S San 2 weeks ago
      Ok, Thanks