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A fast and customizable Objective-C framework for reading and rendering PDF files in iPhone and iPad apps. Build PDF reader apps or use it as a PDF viewer in your existing apps.

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  • J Jack 1 month ago
    I downloaded the example, but the result of the view is a bit single, in addition to the current function, we also need text editable function
  • J Jack 1 month ago
  • TM TV Mohini 2 months ago
    Can this product support display of AutoCAD drawings converted to PDF? They can be quite complex and is a vector file.
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 2 months ago
      If it's a PDF file it can be displayed by PDFTouch SDK. The best way to find out is to download the demo and run it with your PDF file to see it in action.
  • F Franknson 4 months ago
    Don't understand difference between $249 vs $749 sdk. Also my app is going to be develop in Swift 3.x is their a swift version coming out soon. I see that some basic annotation is support ? just not editing ? I plan to overlay videos as well is this supported?
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 4 months ago
      Hi, With the $249 version you only receive a binary framework that you can use directly in your project. With the $749 version you also receive the source code. PDFTouch SDK does not support annotation editing. It only has support for displaying custom link annotations like videos, web pages, audio and maps. These annotations should be created with an external PDF editor. You can run the demo app with the included pdftouch.pdf file to see the annotations in action. PDFTouch SDK can be used in a swift project just like other Objective-C frameworks. Please have a look at this page for more information: http://www.binpress.com/issue/create-a-yldocument-instance-for-the-pdf-file-you-want-to-display-in-a-swift-project/8174
  • F Fannar 4 months ago
    Swift support?
  • GG Gary Giebler 6 months ago
    I'm looking for an SDK that will allow me to programmatically fill in an existing PDF's fields, but your SDK Demo won't even display the source PDF (version 1.7). Is your demo SDK using an old version or don't you support version 1.7 of the PDF spec? My PDF (which I can email to you for your testing) has fields that the user can fill in and save.
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 6 months ago
      Hi Gary, PDFTouch SDK does not support annotation editing.
  • E Eddie 9 months ago
    Hi, does this library support digital signatures?
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 9 months ago
      Hi, Digital signatures are not supported.
    • E Eddie 9 months ago
      Hi Kemal, I wasn't able to display annotations. Am I missing any settings or configuration?
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 9 months ago
      Hi, PDFTouch SDK can only display link annotations with custom url schemes for audio, video, web and map annotations. You can open the "pdftouch.pdf" with the demo app to see the annotations in action.
  • A artmis 10 months ago
    hi, I am trying the demo project, I would like to know is there any way to increase the zoom scale?
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 10 months ago
      Hi Artmis, You can use the pinch gesture to zoom in. The zoom scale can only be changed by editing the source code. All licenses except the "Single App Binary" license include the complete source code of PDFTouch SDK.
    • A artmis 10 months ago
      is there any way for us to change the source code for demo project regarding the zoom scale for testing only? because we need to show it to our client currently they say this zoom scale is not enough so we need to increase the maximum zoom scale.
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 10 months ago
      Can you get in touch with me via email? You can find my information in my profile page.
  • TA thamer aldehani License holderSingle App License
    6 month support
    Purchased on Jun 15, 2013
    12 months ago
    hello, did the PDF Touch support search in Arabic?
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 12 months ago
      Hi Thamer, PDFTouch SDK does not support RTL languages.
  • AR Alex R 1 year ago
    does SDK supports video in PDF and ability to move between pages by clicking links?
    • Kemal Taskin Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi Alex, Video and page navigation annotations are supported. Please download the demo and run it with the "pdftouch.pdf" PDF file which has page navigation links and embedded video.
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