PepperUI for iOS

PepperUI for iOS

Released 6 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

A clone of the famous UI in Paper by FiftyThree app for iOS with various enhancements.

Pepper UI is a non-identical clone of the famous UI in Paper by Fifty Three app with lots of customization options for practical usage.

View the DEMO VIDEO or try the free demo project

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Differences from Paper

Paper by Fifty Three is designed to display 1 single landscape image which can be split into 2 seamless portrait pages without affecting aesthetics. It only supports landscape device mode.

Paper by Fifty Three is written entirely in OpenGL code. It is difficulty for mainstream developers to integrate into their app. On the other side, PepperUI is written entirely based on UIKit / UIView. It is extremely easy to place any iOS native UI element inside PepperUI.

Pepper UI has many customization options to fit your needs in all screen sizes & orientations.


  • Supports iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad; both non-retina & retina
  • Supports both landscape & portrait orientation
  • Lots of useful delegate events
  • Smooth animation between device orientations & view modes
  • Page curl effect in fullscreen mode (iOS5.0 and above only)
  • Page flip effect in fullscreen mode as an option
  • Memory & CPU efficient
  • No complicated setup, works out of the box
  • Supports iOS 4.3 and later
  • Pure ObjectiveC and UIKit implementation. No OpenGL or C++
  • No 3rd party libraries

What do you get?

  • Full source code & demo project
  • Documentation
  • Free updates & new features in future releases
  • Free support


  • Animation speed
  • Frame aspect ratio & sizes
  • Carousel & Scale effect for book list
  • Open book at any page
  • Auto resize to smaller frame in portrait orientation
  • Configurable page flip, page curl or simple scrollview
  • Hide 1st/cover page
  • Zoom into 1 or 2 pages (see screenshots)
  • Can be compiled into a static library (see free-to-try project)
  • See technical documentation for more options...

Future features

  • Open to suggestions
  • 5 5
  • 4 2
  • 3 1
  • 2 1
  • 1 0
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14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • unlimited applications

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

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  • J Jejo License holderApplication License
    Purchased on Jun 3, 2015
    3 years ago
    Hello -Dose this support iOS8? - Is it possible to make it support RTL content? so each book open in the opposite direction, the end is the first, and the first is the end.?
  • SC Seunghun Cho. 3 years ago
    Is it possible to set 2 pages content with one viewcontroller? for example, what if I want to set the contents of page 1 and 2 with one viewcontroller? is this possible? if yes, I'd love to buy this right away.
  • AV Abhilash Vijayakumar 4 years ago
    Hi, can you send me a quote for developer license. I can see the price listed on website but need quote to get budget approval. Thank you