Photo Effects SDK for iOS

Photo Effects SDK for iOS

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

A photo effects framework for iOS applications. Photo Effects SDK comes with 35+ ready to use photo effects with extensible architecture.

Questions & Comments

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  • P Phil 1 year ago
    Hi guys! I wonder if there are photo editing tools such as saturation, sharpener, blur, etc, or is it just filters? Thank you!
  • CR Chris Rivera 3 years ago
    hi is this ios7 compatible? Thanks Chris
    • Mos IT Ltd. Publisher 3 years ago
      Photo Effects uses Core Image so yes it is compatible with ios7.
  • A Akshata 3 years ago
    First I would like to thank to you for creating a nice SDK, I have seen the examples created by your SDK, they are really awesome and found this is very good and suits our requirement. I am also okay with the pricing for the SDK, but before buying the SDK I have some question to you they might seems simple to you but these are really critical for me, Find below the questions 1. Is the SDK can be used for iPad platform 2. Is there any support or help forum for this with the example 3. Is there any trial version available for this 4. Is the SDK support both iPad and iPhone I want to buy this SDK for my company and as per the company policy the software/SDK has to be tested by our IT team in all aspects and once they approves we proceed for buying.
  • RS Rahul Shrimali 3 years ago
    i want to make an app where i can take multiple pic at a time means in 1 sec there will be 5 pic should be captured and i also can use effect that are mentioned in your site... any suggestion ?
  • HP Hrishikesh Pol 3 years ago
    Hi, Can I get sketch effect filter in this sdk for iOS?
    • Mos IT Ltd. Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi Hrishikesh, There is no sketch effect sorry. You can see all the effects in the description screenshots.
  • DB Dan Blow 3 years ago
    I'm looking for a way to do "automatic cropping." The workflow is this: I have a receipt on my table. I take a picture of it. I'd like the next screen to be the picture, with guides around the page. The guides should be adjustable, but initially the SDK should make the best guess as to the bounds of the receipt within the image. Is this possible? The "Scanner Pro" app does something like this, but they don't offer an SDK.
  • PM perera malinda 3 years ago
  • L Luqman License holderSingle App License
    6 month support
    Purchased on Aug 26, 2012
    4 years ago
    Hello Can you load and save images on this? Or is there only 1 default image?
  • T terry 4 years ago
    hey, can it run on ios 4.0 ?
  • C chakri 4 years ago
    How can i download this sample application
    • Mos IT Ltd. Publisher 4 years ago
      Hi. You can get sample application by purchasing Photo Effects SDK.
    • C chakri 4 years ago
      Ok Thanks for reply..
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