Photo Rotator jQuery plugin

Photo Rotator jQuery plugin

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Easy to use photo rotator jQuery plugin with transitions and navigation controls

Photo Rotator JQuery plugin is a easy to use JQuery plugin for web developer to build Javascript gallery on their web application. The plugin can be driven by xml. Easy setup and only minimum programming knowledge is needed. Best to showcase your photography.

Highlighted features:

  • Driven by xml or arrays
  • 3D Transition Effects (support in Safari)
  • Easy to setup
  • Slide show controls
  • Easy customization
  • Compatible with IOS mobile safari

Create a gallery with default settings


Create a gallery with custom settings


More properties

        'titleEnabled':true,          // Enable/disable the title
        'titlePosition':'top',        // The position of the title

        'thumbnailEnabled':true,      // Enable/disable the slide controls              
        'thumbnailSize':20,               // The size of the thumbnail.

        'navigationEnabled':false,        // Enable/disable the slide controls
        'controlThemeColor':'#000000',// The color of the controls
        'controlThemeAlpha':40,       // The alpha of the controls

        'transitionType':'random',    // Set the transition type
                                      // 'slide' : sliding out left/right
                                      // 'flip'  : 3d flip
                                      // 'slideup' : sliding up/down
                                      // 'swap'  : 3d swap
                                      // 'cube'  : 3d cube
                                      // 'pop'   : pop up
                                      // 'fade'  : fade
                                      // 'random' : random
                                      // *3D transition only supported by Safari

        'resizeMode':0                // Set the resize mode of main image
                                      //        AUTO            :0
                                      //        AUTO_WIDTH      :1
                                      //        AUTO_HEIGHT     :2
                                      //        STRETCH         :3
                                      //        AUTO_FILL       :5      
        'backgroundColor':'#333333',  // Set main background color
        'themeColor':'#000000',       // Set the overall theme color
        'themeTextColor':'#FFFFFF',   // Set the overall theme text color
        'themeAlpha':100,             // Set the overall theme background alpha

        'autoSlideShowEnabled':false, // Enable/disable auto start slide show
        'slideShowEnabled':true,      // Enable/disable slide show
        'slideShowInterval':5,        // Time between slide (sec);


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Personal License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, unlimited servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Commercial use

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