PHP EasyInstaller

PHP EasyInstaller

Released 10 months ago , Last update 10 months ago

Easy to use and powerful PHP script for creating user friendly installation wizard. May be used as an installation module for any PHP script.

What isPHP EasyInstaller?

ApPHP EasyInstaller is an easy-to-setup PHP script for creating a user-friendly installation wizard.
The script is suitable for existing and new web applications. If you plan to create an application in PHP and search for a small, customizable and powerful installation module, then ApPHP EasyInstaller is the best solution for you.
The ApPHP EasyInstaller script makes the installation process as simple as possible; it may be easily customized for any project.



  • Works with SQL dump file
  • Different modes
  • Debug Mode
  • Multi-Browser support
  • Multi-Database support (PDO extension)
  • Multi-Language support
  • Right-to-Left languages support
  • Wizard installation
  • Manual installation
  • Testing database connection with AJAX
  • Creating database during installation
  • Using table prefixes
  • Using admin username and password
  • Using password encryption (AES|MD5)
  • Configure 30+ settings
  • Different installation types
  • Creating (installation)
  • Updating
  • Deleting (un-installation)
  • Templates allowed


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee



The GNU LGPL is an open-source license.

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  • Not a bad program at all IF there were some real documentation and live examples. Author assumes everyone using Easy Installer is heavy into programming.

    SM Susan McCartney
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