PHP Paypal API class

PHP Paypal API class

The simplest way to handle online transactions using PayPal. Get started quickly with Express Checkout, Direct Payments, recurring payments, IPNs and more using this PHP PayPal API class.

  • Language: PHP
  • Released: Sep 27, 2010
    Last Update: Jan 14, 2014
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Closed Problem with the call to the api the paypal
Created by Andres Pastrana 2 weeks ago
Issue 4 2 weeks ago by
Closed payment_status
Created by Dean M Hayes 1 month ago
Issue 3 1 month ago by
Closed Direct payments UK
Created by Martin Oxnard 2 months ago
Issue 1 2 months ago by
Closed IPN listener not working
Created by Matt 2 months ago
Issue 6 2 months ago by
Closed Change recurring profile status
Created by Jorge 2 months ago
Issue 3 2 months ago by
Closed Error message with the payment by card
Created by Mick89 2 months ago
Issue 12 2 months ago by
Closed apply tax by region automatically
Created by Martin Oxnard 3 months ago
Issue 2 2 months ago by
Martin Oxnard
Fixed Demo not working
Created by JB McKee 2 months ago
Issue 1 2 months ago by
Closed Payments Pro - failure is really success?
Created by Robert Paxton 3 months ago
Issue 1 3 months ago by
Fixed Pay with credit card without creating account
Created by fabricio leite 3 months ago
Issue 4 3 months ago by
fabricio leite
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