phpBB3 Javascript Development Kit

phpBB3 Javascript Development Kit

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Advanced javascript kit for developing phpBB.

phpBB3 API made in javascript format, for better and faster implement of codes in phpBB.Please refer to to see detailed information about phpBB3 API for PHP.

Example, to know for what is this kit:

$user->data['username'] (PHP) ===>>> (Javascript)

There are not much functions added, because in javascript, the information is displayed public in the source code of the page. Every function is displayed only when its passed by the phpBB authentication system and only information that its actually usefull and in the same time not so much passes out.This code takes security very seriously.More information for only selected users (the code automatically generates to who to show what).Information that not anyone should see is removed.


  • User data
  • Config values
  • User permissions
  • -- Global
  • -- Local

Planned features:

  • Somehow to add caching system
  • Select member from database
  • Template tags
  • Language arrays


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The GNU GPL is an open-source license.

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