Poker Hand Evaluator (Texas Hold 'em Algorithm 7-Card)

Poker Hand Evaluator (Texas Hold 'em Algorithm 7-Card)

Released 5 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

Calculates the best possible Poker hand of 5 cards out of the 7 cards possible in Texas Hold 'em. Lightweight. Simplistic. Elegant...

Poker made easy

Creating a poker game is both fun and complex. When it comes to working out the best 5 card hand out of the 7 cards available, the only factor left is complexity. There are a multitude of scenarios that need to be accounted for and after a few thousand lines of code, you may be wishing somebody had already written the algorithm for you.

Well, today is your lucky day.

  • Calculates best possible 5 card hand out of 7 cards
  • Gives the hand an absolute numerical score. Higher score = better hand
  • Numerical score considers every card in the hand
  • Provides detailed information on the 5 cards that form the hand
  • Load in multiple users (with 2 pocket cards each) along with the 5 community cards to do a complete end-game calculation
  • Includes a visualised demonstrator with debugging

Let's see what all the fuss is about...



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This class works in two ways. You can either feed a single set of 7 cards to receive an analysis of the best 5 card hand, which cards were used an most importantly a numerical score for the quality of the hand which can be used to directly compare multiple hands.

First, let's collect a list of the 7 cards available, including both pocket cards and community cards.

Step 1: Load in the cards

alt text

Let's suppose these are our cards....

$cards = array (
            "A_HEARTS","3_SPADES", //2 Pocket cards
            "8_CLUBS","9_CLUBS","3_HEARTS", "J_SPADES","4_DIAMONDS" //5 Community cards

Now let's see what the computer has to say

$poker = new PokerHandEvaluator();

Step 2: Review the results

alt text

$poker->displayableRank() = One Pair

As soon as we $poker->calculateRank(), everything is calculated. The debug cards feature will show us visually what is calculated, just so we can check our code is running smoothly.

The best 5 cards and all further information is presented in an array $poker->hand_information

$poker->hand_information = 
    [CARD_IDS] => Array
            [0] => 2
            [1] => 5
            [2] => 1
            [3] => 6
            [4] => 4

    [CARD_NAMES] => Array
            [0] => 3_SPADES
            [1] => 3_HEARTS
            [2] => A_HEARTS
            [3] => J_SPADES
            [4] => 9_CLUBS

    [NUMERIC_RANK] => 1
    [DISPLAYABLE_RANK] => One Pair
    [SCORE] => 20314110900

The card IDs are array keys based on the order they were loaded in at the start with $poker->loadCards(). [1] = First card loaded, and so on.

Card information is stored in the $poker->cards array based on ID. In this example, $poker->cards[1] was of course our first card; The Ace of Hearts.

[1] => Array
        [ID] => 1
        [PUREID] => 1
        [NUMBER] => 1
        [SUIT] => HEARTS
        [ORDER_RANK] => 4
        [INPUT] => A_HEARTS

Yep. One Pair looks right to me. Good job, Algorithm!

You can use $poker->hand_information['SCORE'] to compare multiple players and see who won. Simples

Step 3: Have a beer

The algorithm is that easy and you just saved dozens of development hours without writing boring algorithms.

Have a beer, you've earnt it.

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