Pool Game Engine

Pool Game Engine

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

A pool engine to build pool games on. Modular, structured code that can be easily extended and modified.

The pool engine is an external swf file that you can import into a host swf and with use of the events, you can create the additional pool game logic and even a multiplayer online pool game.


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Resellable engine

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use


The component is used with internal events when loaded with the Loader class:

//set up listeners
_poolGame.content.addEventListener("ALL_BALLS_STOPPED", allBallsStopped);
_poolGame.content.addEventListener("SHOT_MADE", shotMade);
_poolGame.content.addEventListener("GAME_STEP", gameStepped);

//so, when somebody makes a shot
protected function shotMade(e:SuperEvent):void {

      trace("I made shot in the game: ");       
      trace("Strength of shot: " + e.get("str"));
      trace("Angle of shot: " + e.get("angle"));


//when after the shot all balls stop to move, we check here the result
//how many balls were made to pockets?
protected function allBallsStopped(e:SuperEvent):void {

                       //the infor about all the balls made in that shot
            var ballInfo:Array = e.get("ballData");

            //how many?
            var ballsMade:uint = ballInfo.length;

                        //what kind of ball was made, it can be SOLID, STRIPED, BLACK, WHITE
                        var type:String =  ballInfo[0].type;

                        //this is all the info we need to create a nice pool game logic :-)


//use setEnabled(true / false) to enable / disable the game for a while
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  • AE Abdul R Ermes 5 years ago
    hi, i'm interested in this engine, is this for an sdk starter kit or just this engine? does this include menu, levels, sound fx, music etc? are there any options for in-app purchases etc? thanks