Pretty Clock & Chrono for iOS & OSX

Pretty Clock & Chrono for iOS & OSX

Released 6 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

A stylized clock for iOS & OSX apps, similar to clocks on TV stations. It includes a timer and a timed alert.

Gorgy Clock is a stylized, customizable clock for iOS & OSX apps, similar to clocks on TV stations. It includes a timer function and a timed alert.

How to use :

1) Simply add both LTGorgyStyleChrono.h & LTGorgyStyleChrono.m files into your project

alt text

2) Add an UIView (or NSView) on your view, square it with the size of your choice (width must be equal to height) :

alt text

3) Set its class to LTGorgyStyleChrono

alt text

4) That's all folks, it will now start in Chrono mode, using red as the main color, and gray as the inactive color.

alt text

Available methods :


- (void)setColorSecondsForOff:(UIColor *)offColor andOn:(UIColor *)onColor;

This will set the colors of the lines drawn every seconds (except those at seconds 0,5,10,15,20...) offColor is used to show "inactive" (or future) seconds, onColor to show "active" (or passed) seconds

- (void)setColorSecond5ForOff:(UIColor *)offColor andOn:(UIColor *)onColor;

Same as the previous method, this one is used to set only seconds located at second 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 So every 5 seconds it is possible to have a different color than the other seconds. By default, it is the same color but with an higher alpha value (more transparent)

- (void)setColorTime:(UIColor *)color;

This color is used to set the text that displays the time

- (void)setColorBackground:(UIColor *)color;

Set the background color, default is transparent.

- (void)setColorClockShadow:(UIColor *)color;

You can see a little shadow on the bottom of the clock, you can change its color using this method, or set it to transparent (use [UIColor clearColor] to do that)

- (void)setColorWarning:(UIColor *)color;

This is the color to be used when the warning system blinks the text-time.

- (void)setColorExceededTime:(UIColor *)color;

This is the color to be used for the second line of text showing how many time has been passed since the warning zone.

- (void)setLineHeightForSeconds:(int)height andForSeconds5:(int)height5;

This will define the height of the lines used to draw the clock. "andForSeconds5" means the line drawn every 5 seconds.

Running functionalities:

- (void)setModeToTime:(BOOL)isTime;

if set to YES, it will show the current system time like this :

alt text

if set to NO, then this is the chrono mode :

alt text

- (void)start;

In chrono mode, will start it...

- (void)stop;

In chrono mode, will stop it...

- (void)reset;

In chrono mode, will reset the time to 0:00

- (void)resetAndStart;

In chrono mode, will reset the time then start the chrono

- (void)warnAfterMinute:(int)minute;

In chrono mode, it will blink the current time and add an extra elapsed time if the chrono goes above the specified minutes

alt text

Tap Events (available on iOS only):

- (void)setSingleTapResponderTo:(id)_parent selector:(SEL)_selector;
- (void)setDoubleTapResponderTo:(id)_parent selector:(SEL)_selector;
- (void)setTripleTapResponderTo:(id)_parent selector:(SEL)_selector;

Those methods can be used to set a parent & selector that will receive a callback if the view is touched, double-touched or triple-touched.

Here's how :

1) set your view to be able to get this information back. For example, in a double-tap, with an LTGorgyStyleChrono named myClock, the declaration looks like this :

[myClock setDoubleTapResponderTo:self selector:@selector(doubleTapMyClock)];

2) somewhere in your code, just add your returning method declared previously :

- (void)doubleTapMyClock {
    NSLog(@"Clock has been double tapped.");
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  • JM julian miller 5 years ago
    will this work on Mac OS?
    • Laurent Taupin Publisher 5 years ago
      Good Idea... Let me change that to be compatible on both OSX/iOS
    • Laurent Taupin Publisher 5 years ago
      Hello Julian. The v2.5 just updated is now compatible with OSX & contains also an OSX demo program. Bests.