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A Python Interface to the FaceBook Graph API

This is an Easy to Use Python Interface to the Facebook Graph API

It gives you methods to access your data on facebook and provides objects instead of json dictionaries!

Here's a little example to access your facebook profile data

from pyfb import Pyfb

#Your APP ID. You Need to register the application on facebook

facebook = Pyfb(FACEBOOK_APP_ID)

#Opens a new browser tab instance and authenticates with the facebook API
#It redirects to an url like   [access_token]&expires_in=0

#Copy the [access_token] and enter it below
token = raw_input("Enter the access_token\n")

#Sets the authentication token

#Gets info about myself 
me = facebook.get_myself()

print "-" * 40
print "Name: %s" %
print "From: %s" %

print "Speaks:"
for language in me.languages:
    print "- %s" %

print "Worked at:"
for work in
    print "- %s" %

print "-" * 40

Read about Django Integration and more...

The Package is also available on pypi:

sudo pip install pyfb
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Personal License

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited sites, servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Commercial use

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