Quiz App Starter Kit - All In One with Web CMS

Quiz App Starter Kit - All In One with Web CMS

Released 3 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

Create your own stunning iOS Quiz apps with Text, Picture, Audio, Video and True/False type questions. Manage all your Quiz data through Web CMS (Admin tool) and update questions frequently to making your quizzes more interesting for users. No need to resubmit app for your new InApp purchases.


Create your own fully featured Objective-C Quiz app for all iOS devices without any programming knowledge and manage all your quiz data through a user friendly Web Admin Tool which can be hosted on your web server.

Quizzes can be updated dynamically to make plays more interesting to users and also create unlimited categories for your quizzes. Beautiful color theme for each category, so user can have feeling of what kind of category it is and also background music. Many more features…



  • Add unlimited categories
  • Timer based and non-Timer based categories
  • Set questions play limit for category
  • Choose theme color for your category
  • and more…


  • Add unlimited questions
  • 4 Options type - question with media types a) Only text b) Picture c) Audio d) Video
  • True/False type - question with media types a) Only text b) Picture c) Audio d) Video
  • Shuffle answers
  • Highlight correct answer when answered wrong - ON/OFF

Scoring & Multiplayer 

  • All scores and achievements are managed on Game Centre
  • Turn based quiz -Multiplayer 1 to 1 allows you to play quiz by challenging your friends and any random mate. Once your turn is over opponent has to play for the final results. Win/Lose leaderboard and related achievements are added.

Other features

  • Color themed categories
  • Background music
  • Tap sounds
  • Timer/Non-Timer based scoring - ON/OFF
  • Can have categories or even play quiz without categories
  • In App purchase for removing ads and buying categories
  • Ad networks integrated are Revmob and Chartboost

Demo and Configuration video 

Configuring Web CMS (Admin tool) and Importing SQL files




14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Single Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • i am not a programer, thus the video tutorial on website were very detailed and helpful in setting up the app. author known to be open for feedback , & proactively updates it. i have used standalone version of Quiz App as well, main difference web CMS version provides flexibility to regularly keep content fresh without having to resubmit the app. Quiz App Starterkit iPhone + iPad App works in offline mode without active internet connection where as this CMS version requires active Internet as data stored online. app is well coded, i have added 25 categories still it doesn't feel slow. even if you have 300 question , the app features have option to limit amount of question it fetches say 25

    P puneet
  • No instructions for version 2, version 1 instructions do not match php files. Developer on short holiday but still gave excellent support, many thanks. However True False option only seems to work with True option, application crashes a lot and is very temperamental on connection.

    TA Thomas Anderson
  • The app is well build and working really fine, as expected. The two videos are really helpful to get started with the app. The author is easily contactable and has done a great job helping me with my mistakes. I recommend it !

    MS M. Sr
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  • ER Edwin Ramirez 2 years ago
    It possible to add more answers and not just 4?
  • SF Seun Felix 2 years ago
    Hi, I have the same concern as Bill; I would prefer to have it on Android, any luck with that? Kindly attend asap. Thanks
  • BN bill nyawera 2 years ago
    hi I want to buy the quiz app with cms. however my core market is mainly android based. any chance the android version is coming back? if so indicatively when? regards bill