Quiz App Starter Kit - All In One with Web CMS

Quiz App Starter Kit - All In One with Web CMS

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

Create your own stunning iOS Quiz apps with Text, Picture, Audio, Video and True/False type questions. Manage all your Quiz data through Web CMS (Admin tool) and update questions frequently to making your quizzes more interesting for users. No need to resubmit app for your new InApp purchases.

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  • ER Edwin Ramirez 2 years ago
    It possible to add more answers and not just 4?
  • SF Seun Felix 2 years ago
    Hi, I have the same concern as Bill; I would prefer to have it on Android, any luck with that? Kindly attend asap. Thanks
  • BN bill nyawera 2 years ago
    hi I want to buy the quiz app with cms. however my core market is mainly android based. any chance the android version is coming back? if so indicatively when? regards bill
  • TA thamer aldehani 3 years ago
    hello i like the Quiz App and i wanna to buy it soon but i have one thing can i put categories inside category for example : main category cars inside this category 1- sport cars 2- normal cars 3- big car 4- small car can i did that ???? or no?
  • G gyakuzuki 3 years ago
    Hi Satish, - How does this product work with the most recent version of Quiz App Starter Kit I purchased a few weeks ago? - How easy is it and how long will it take to set up the Web CMS if I am new to this? I would basically be deploying a web server and a database with my third party hosting provider, correct? Thanks.
    • Heaven Apps Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi, This is completely new product which comes with web CMS. Though I am planning to give an update for CMS where you can browse existing offline app's quiz data and import them into CMS. Which may take some time. Hosting on web server is just 10mis work. Instructions file is provided with the package. 50% Offer is valid for just 2 days take the advantage to save money. More money can be saved in developer license. Please let me know if you have any queries. Thank you,
  • K Konstantinos License holderSingle Application License
    Purchased on Aug 15, 2015
    3 years ago
    Hello, i have bought the original version of the quiz app a couple of weeks back. I just saw this new app with the web cms. I noticed that your demo is based on localhost so everything will be shown immediately. I think many people would like to see how the app responds to real time server communication. I mean getting all the data using wi-fi, 3g, gprs. Have you added a loading mechanism for this kind of situation? Or error fallbacks just in case the user's connection fails at any given time? For example i am on 3G and i have a video question. The video would stream from the web but until i have fully downloaded the question timer might run out. Also a pull to refresh mechanism would be great in order to refresh the categories without opening and closing the app. Thanks for your time
    • Heaven Apps Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi, Thanks for important questions. 1) PHP/MySql code has been written with structured manner with 10+ years of experienced developer. Code is full generic and no hard codes are done. 2) Yes you are right regarding local host speed. Network delay will be little more compare to local host. App will show loading indicator while downloading categories and questions. 3) Though we may have thousands of questions for each category, app will fetch only limited questions for play. For example : if we have 5000 questions for some category called "Sports". Depending upon the limit configuration per play parameter app may fetch only 10 questions from the server. 4) Regarding video/pictures/audio files - Before starting the app will download all its related media files. So we need to use sensible size of media files. This will not run out time as we already have required media downloaded. Hope I have answered all queries. Please let me know if any more clarifications needed. I can sure that buying this template will be worth for money and there are many features going to come in future updates. Thank you, Satish
    • K Konstantinos 3 years ago
      First of all thanks for your prompt reply and your support. I have 3 more questions. 1st: even if we have 5000 questions online for a category X the app will fetch only 10 (based on configuration). Will it always fetch the latest 10 or do you have an algorithm to fetch questions that have not been answered or have been answered wrong? 2nd: You said the app downloads all video/pictures before everything else.Does the app show a progress bar with percent indicator so the user knows how much is being downloaded? 3rd:You said that many features will come in the future. Since the app code is the same as your simple quiz app, will you include any fixes/features in both versions so everyone can benefit? thanks again Konstantinos
    • Heaven Apps Publisher 3 years ago
      Welcome :) 1st : There is an algorithm which picks random 10 questions from Category X. There are chances that question may repeat, this is intended because users should not be demotivated at least they should get some points :) Though there are rare chances of repeating. 2nd: Right now there spiral activity indicator. Which spins until all the media files for questions are downloaded. 3rd: Yes. For me its never ending process. I keep adding interesting and most generic features to the app depending upon customers feedback. Offline/Online both products are same importance for me will keep updating them whenever needed. Thank you, Satish
    • K Konstantinos 3 years ago
      just purchased!looking forward to new features
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