Quiz App Starterkit iPhone + iPad and Universal iOS 6

Quiz App Starterkit iPhone + iPad and Universal iOS 6

Released 3 years ago , Last update 1 month ago

Build a fully featured iOS quiz app - add multiple choice questions with any combination of text, picture, video and true / false questions, and many more configuration and customization options.

New in version 9.0

  • Multiplayer (Turn-based Apple Gamecenter) ON/OFF
  • Achievements
  • App rater
  • Background music

Version 8.0 completely new UI design and new approach to next level of experience

Updated on : 20th Feb 2015

Build your own Quiz app with this universal source code for iPhone/iPad/iPad Mini/iPod with multiple choice questions with text, image, video and true/false types.

Watch complete configuration video here : http://youtu.be/B6q5OEfrj2M

  • iOS 8 & 64 bit ready
  • Universal iOS source code
  • InApp Purchases
  • Chartboost & Revmob 
  • Color themes for every category
  • Chekout full features list below


Multiplayer configuration video here : https://youtu.be/zVM66Y9CPsY (This configuration is applicable only for version 9.0)


Package includes

  • iOS universal source code
  • PSDs Adobe Photoshop layers
  • Admin tool for creating quiz data


  • iOS source code with universal support
  • iOS 8 and 64 bit ready
  • 2x and 3x images are used to support high resolution
  • Add unlimited categories and unlimited objective type questions with text, image, video and true/false types. Every questions can have its correct/wrong explanation(feedback)
  • Configure each category color themes
  • Game centre leaderboards for every category added and local high score table at the end of quiz play
  • Ads networks Chartboost and Revmob
  • InApp purchase to buy more categories and to turning off ads
  • Shuffle questions and answers - ON/OFF
  • Limit number of questions play out many questions from category
  • Points system - positive and negative points can be configured for every question
  • Highlight correct answer if answered wrong - ON/OFF
  • Timer based scoring - ON/OFF
  • Parental gate - to avoid unexpected InApp purchase transactions by kids - ON/OFF
  • Data Input format PLIST/JSON - Chose quiz categories and questions format you are comfortable with
  • Customise screen titles
  • About screen with plain text or online URL
  • Settings screen with options to turnoff ads(InApp purchase), turn off sound and disable explanations for questions answered
  • All configurations at one place in Configuration.plist file


Complete configuration video


Checks before uploading your app on iTunes Store

  • Add unique questions to every category
  • Always keep backup of your Quiz Data folder before adding/editing questions
  • Test your Game centre and InApp purchases through Sandbox account before uploading app to iTunes store
  • Add appIDs and Signature for Chartboost and Revmob ads if you have enabled ad support
  • Please comment if any help needed. I am at your disposal.


Thank you for buying :)


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14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Single Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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  • CM Ciaran Mooney 3 weeks ago
    HI, A bit confused about the web CMS v Mac Admin tool, do both allow you to add questions while the app is live in the app store ? If not can the web CMS be purchased with the single app license or does it need to be purchased separately ?
    • Heaven Apps Publisher 3 weeks ago
      Hi, Mac admin tool is for creating offline quiz data and once the app is online questions can be added. CMS version allows to host PHP code on your web server and once the app is online we can add/remove questions without re-submitting the app again. If you are planning to manage questions/inApp purchases without re-submitting app then go for CMS version. Both versions have separate licensing. Please let me know if any more queries. Thank you,
    • CM Ciaran Mooney 3 weeks ago
      Just two questions: 1. You mentioned Mac admin tool can add questions when app is live, do you mean when app is on the App Store? 2. Which license is the CMS version?
    • Heaven Apps Publisher 3 weeks ago
      1.Mac Admin to is to create Quiz Data offline before uploading app to app store. Once the app is uploaded to store no questions can be modified. 2. Where as CMS tool allows us to create Quiz Data even when app is on store. Note : We can not combine iOS source code of Mac Tool with CMS's iOS source code. I would suggest to choose right template depending upon your requirement.
    • Heaven Apps Publisher 3 weeks ago
      Here is the product page for CMS version : http://www.binpress.com/app/quiz-app-starter-kit-all-in-one-with-web-cms/3192
  • H Heuri 1 month ago
    Hello, great template!, considering buying, a few questions please : - Is it possible to have the audio file automatically starting when the question appears instead of having to first click on it and then watch an empty movie screen? - Can we have images as responses? (as-is or with minimal dev) - Is it iOS9 compatible? - What happens if you invite another player on a category he did not purchase? - Web CMS version: When do the web quiz data load into the phone (app start, question start,...)? Does it then become available offline? Can we switch the web cms access to https just updating url on iOS side (new iOS constraint)? - Can we upgrade from single to extended, regular to webCMS, new releases or do we have to re-purchase? -Do you have a few future evolutions already in the pipe (even if no date) at the moment? Thanks a lot
  • T Tom 2 months ago
    Hi, Is the CMS finished? Can we see a demo or do you have a video or documentation. Your template is very good. Cheers,